Tonight I have been working hard – actually have received a new certification! This is not the first time I am working into late hours, and I think a lot of people with home-based jobs usually are. There is just so much there is to be done, and I spend most of the day running around with my kids, so the only time I have to really calmly work is at night – and even then it is only every other night when I can actually stay up awake. My baby puts me to sleep almost every other night – yes, in that order!

What am I working on most of the time? Beautifying my blog, of course. As I have said before here, it seems like a fairly straight-forward enterprise in blogging – open a clean sheet and write to your hearts content, but there is really a lot that needs to be involved, in the end. Every writing author has always had inspirations. Other bloggers are great inspirations for me, but I still have so much to learn that I mostly spend my time trying to get a grasp on all things blogging.

As an example, I am still learning about my camera. People often take courses in photography at Universities, and here I am, all on my own, completely alone in this trade, fumbling through little by little. I am used to being spoon-fed knowledge by more educated mentors and teachers, and so being on my own with no specific knowledge can be hard, and it is. There is just so much photography equipment out there available, and when you go to a specialty photography store, your eyes will literally be going into every direction – I don’t have this, I need that, and that, and the other thing. Why on Earth would you need to have a telescopic lens – am I going to take pictures of the Moon? All this is just overwhelming to me, and I am taking such small baby steps I don’t know when I am going to get there, where I want to be. Not that my pictures are bad – I think they are excellent. I have definitely advanced from using a “soap-box” camera, and the only camera that I had 12 years ago. Now I have to take control, and lead ahead in this journey, and I am still stuck at the basics. I hope by the end of the summer I will have finished a few study guides that have been taking a long time, and hopefully will advance.

Another issue that I am working on in my late night sessions are multitudes of courses I am taking where I am attempting to get a grasp of the online world, turning it inside out for myself. The readers of online media see the outside glamourous layer of the Internet where everything has been polished out and straightened. I am trying to understand that dark back side of things, how things come together online, and how they are made what they are, and what they claim to be. This is probably going to take me years to get. I am talking design, illustrations, backside centrifuges of content and information. When we open up fashion magazines, and marvel at the beauty of what we see, we may not realize but there are so many people, and work hours that are involved in production, so much intelligence, manpower, equipment and experience that is put to work. And here I am, just one person with a little bit of help from my friends trying to make this whole grand machine of knowledge and power work. Man, this is often feeling to me like I am inventing a million of wheels every day. Is this how Martha Stewart felt when she was building her empire? Or is there a lot more that I have to accomplish, and make work that I am still not getting straight that I need to learn?

I honestly don’t know. Time will tell. What I know for a fact is that I have been blogging for over a year now, and I have accomplished something. I have proven to myself that I can make it happen every day of the week, rain or shine. Whether my kids are screaming wolf, or lying in bed. Whether I have dinner on the table, or rushing in between doctor appointments. Whether I have to blog in the wee hours of the morning, or all through the day into the night – I will get it done. I will also get done everything else I have to do besides blogging, and will put in volunteering hours, playtime, and Mommy time in my schedule, and will make it happen. I am not special, or different, but I can get it all done. I am not bragging, well, maybe a bit. Yes, my house is a mess, don’t wag your finger at me.

I think over this past year what I have learned is that I will put in my 100% of effort out there, and I will hope to see some readers coming and hanging out. In the end, this is not about me, or my family, but about what I can do to light up someone’s day, make it a bit brighter. Even if I have to stay up for that, I will do it. I have that commitment.

I write about recipes, giveaways, and craft projects on this blog hoping to make it interesting for everyone. This blog is mostly for inspiration, and I hope to inspire, and be inspired.

Today I present a giveaway to you called Light Up The Night.

Light Up The Night Giveaway – $1250, Worldwide!

Please, leave a comment for this blog post telling me what your plans are for the coming summer – anything and everything that you are working on, and that you hope to get accomplished by the end of August – maybe meeting with some family, going on a summer adventure, learning something new, cooking up that feast you have dreamed about, or taking that long-awaited family vacation – tell me all the details – how are you celebrating this summer! If you would like me to inspire you with something special this summer on my blog – let me know as well – I love to read all of the great comments!

This blog post is mainly to let you know what I am working on and trying to accomplish these nights – let’s light up the night with fireworks!

Here is for a great celebration this summer – hope you get to enjoy it with your family and friends! If you can win this giveaway, wouldn’t it be something truly special – good luck!

I am co-hosting this giveaway that Megan Ross from Full Lives Reviews organized – enjoy!

Light Up The Night $1250 Cash Giveaway

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