Flag salad for 4th of July Independence Day with Litehouse Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing

This weekend we are spending most of the time home with the family, bonding, cleaning up the house, having fun. When you have a baby and teenagers in the house, you need to do a lot of cleaning, and food preparation also seems to be taking up most of our days. However, we are having fun while getting some needed time together. Our kids are enjoying helping out a bit, and playing with the baby, while we are staying creative in the kitchen! We are not Americans, but live in America, and also get the American holiday spirit.

Today I want to share a recipe I have created featuring one of my favorite salad dressings ever – Litehouse Chunky Bleu Cheese dressing!

Flag salad for 4th of July Independence Day with Litehouse Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing

There were times when I couldn’t eat Blue Cheese, or even have it near me. Armenians (and I am one) have their own versions of Blue Cheese, and this cheese is quite commonly used and eaten. However, as a child I could not get myself to like it. Later on, in my University years, I tried chunky Bleu Cheese dressing without actually knowing what it was, and I loved it. Since about that time I started enjoying eating Blue Cheese added in my salads and sauces. If you are careful with it, it will never overpower your dish, and add that incredible rich flavor your dish would otherwise be missing.

Flag salad for 4th of July Independence Day with Litehouse Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing

As a busy mother with 3 kids, I often seek options that don’t make me do everything from scratch, but at the same time elevate my meal to above and beyond gourmet. Rather than spend time making my own dressing, I usually skip this step, and enjoy a store-bought option, that is both affordable and delicious. Making your own Bleu Cheese dressing is not necessary when you have a very well mixed, perfect option from Litehouse.

In today’s recipe I combine the holiday spirit, my regular food staples I always have in the house, and my favorite Litehouse Chunky Bleu Cheese dressing. Our diet is often revolving around eating raw foods, Paleo foods, Mediterranean ingredients, and combining something salty and something sweet in dishes. I have heard of two salad – red tomato and mozzarella salad – such a standard Italian dish – appetizer that I always order in proper Italian restaurants; and then the second dish – making a salad with tomatoes and watermelon. So, I kicked it up a notch in this one, adding Blue Cheese, olives, and Litehouse Bleu Cheese dressing! Here is my recipe – if you like Mediterranean flavors, raw food, salty and sweet together, you will surely love this dish – enjoy!

Flag salad for 4th of July Independence Day with Litehouse Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing

4th of July Celebration Salad with Litehouse Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing

Prep time: 

Total time: 

This salad is made of raw ingredients, and will look and taste delicious. If you love raw food, Mediterranean flavors – this salad is for you

  • 1 cup of cherry tomatoes
  • 1 cup of mozzarella cheese (I used fresh mozzarella)
  • 1 small can of sliced olives
  • 4 tablespoons of Blue Cheese
  • 2-4 tablespoons of Litehouse Chunky Blue Cheese dressing
  • 2 cups of watermelon chunks

  1. This salad may be served in any way – simply mix all the ingredients, and enjoy.
  2. For a more celebratory effect I arranged the salad in a jar in layers to make it look like an American flag.
  3. Your “Red” layers are tomatoes and watermelons.
  4. Your “white” layers are mozzarella cheese, Blue cheese with Litehouse Chunky Bleu Cheese dressing
  5. Alternate “Red” and “White” layers until you get to almost the top of your jar.
  6. To make your “Stars”, mix your sliced olives with about 1-2 tablespoons of Blue Cheese
  7. Your “Stars” will take up half of the top of the jar, and continue alternative “Red” and “White” layers for the other half.
  8. You are done! Your should have a perfect Flag for your table! Enjoy!

Flag salad for 4th of July Independence Day with Litehouse Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing

Flag salad for 4th of July Independence Day with Litehouse Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing

Most of us grew up reaching for that bottle of room temperature dressing in the condiment aisle. We probably didn’t give much thought to the preservatives in those bottles that kept them on the shelf for so long. There is a better, more delicious way to dress your veggies: with fresh tasting, refrigerated Litehouse dressing. Because real food deserves real dressing. Your family will be asking for seconds and your kids will be eating their veggies in record amounts. Cold is where it’s sold!

Why put a room temperature dressing on your delicious, crisp fresh salad? The salad is cold, so why is your salad dressing warm? For dressings as real as the salad you are putting them on – think cold, that’s where it’s sold. Make sure to look in the refrigerated section of your local supermarket for Litehouse Homestyle Ranch and Chunky Bleu Cheese dressings. Litehouse Inc. is a leader in refrigerated salad dressings, veggie dips, sauces and Instantly Fresh™ Herbs.

ranch dressingbleu cheese

  • If your veggies could talk, they would say no to room temperature dressings. Fresh foods deserve fresh tasting dressings that are packed with ingredients like buttermilk and real blue cheese.
  • You chop, you dice, you carefully peel. And to top off your vegetables or dress your salad, reach for a cold, fresh tasting, refrigerated dressing from Litehouse, because real vegetables deserve real dressing.
  • Summer time means salad season. Fresh veggies, delicious fruits and warm nights, spent enjoying outdoor meals with family and friends. To make your fresh meal burst with flavor, make something real, with something real: Litehouse dressings. In the refrigerated produce section, where real dressing should be.
  • Get real this summer, with dressings as real as the salad you are putting them on. Litehouse makes delicious refrigerated dressings that can be found in the produce section – right next to other fresh and delicious veggies.
  • When you shop for produce, you don’t shop in the condiment or baking aisle. You head to the refrigerated section where mouth-watering fresh veggies are brimming with color and flavor. That is where you will find Litehouse: fresh tasting, refrigerated and delicious dressings. Litehouse – see the Lite.
  • On those hot summer nights, a great way to cool down is with a refreshing salad or veggie dish filled with the best seasonal ingredients. To top off your dish, reach for another cool and delicious choice – refrigerated Litehouse dressing. Cold is where it’s sold.

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Flag salad for 4th of July Independence Day with Litehouse Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing and Giveaway
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