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DIY Upholstered Storage Ottoman – step by step tutorial – build frame and upholster

DIY Farmhouse Style Memo Board crafts tips DIY

Best how to make your own MaryPoppins costume for Halloween tutorial ever! DIY disney s

This is a lovely tutorial on how to make your own costume! I will have to remember I have it for when it is time for Halloween!

Did you know you can make washable DIY fabric paint easily and cheaply at home? crafts DIY htt

6 Tips for Summer Lawn Care homeandgarden DIY

Here is my tip – turn on the sprinklers and let your kids have fun! You will not notice how the time flies, and how much bonding you get with your kids with a seemingly mundane activity!

Decorating your home on a budget? Here’s a fun and easy DIY project. Handmade Jute basket:

8 thanksgiving decor ideas crafts DIY home

These DIY mason jar crafts are the perfect decorative touch for any summer event!

Since when are Mason jars so popular? Did you check out my Americana Mason jar salad yet? Here is the scoop on that – http://boxroundup.com/2016/07/03/4th-july-celebration-salad-litehouse-chunky-bleu-cheese-giveaway/

25+ DIY recipes using essential oils >>> yleo

Oh those essential oils! I think you will see a whole new world opening up for your for DIY projects once you get these, and your whole kitchen and bathroom will turn into this emporium of scents and potions – enjoy!

DIY After Swimming Ear Drops made for a fraction of the cost! IBAbloggers DIY eardrops

Enter the giveaway MomsWhoSave $150 Lowes gift card & ProcterGamble prize! DIYandDIVE

Save that cardboard box! DIY tangrams are fun & great for visual perceptual skills: OT s:/

I will have to remember this one for tomorrow morning and do something like that with our baby! We have so much recycling – again! we better put it to use!

Are you crafty? Enter to win a Tribal Paper Musings mixed media pack! giveaway open ww s:

Me, please! Me, I am crafty!

Turquoise & Gold Beaded Curved Drop Earrings by Miguel Ases – crafts crafting diy

These look professionally made!

Kartoffeln fr den Kaufmannsladen aus Damenstrumpfhosen – crafts crafting diy

I do speak a bit of German but am not sure if this is even a craft?!? Can someone enlighten me, pls?

Vintage French Postcard with Roses Background – crafts crafting diy

Now I remember getting some of these vintage ones in my childhood from our French uncle. Sweet!

Mason Jar Floral Decorations with Whitewash Finish Bless Your … – crafts crafting diy

I have to learn this one – looks precious!

painted mason jars – crafts crafting diy

And again – Mason jars! Lovely! Perfect for a summer crafting idea!

Looking for a summer craft for the 4th of July? Head to The … – crafts crafting diy

DIY Hammocks Projects and Tutorials! Including, from ‘here c … – crafts crafting diy

I wish I had space in my backyard for a hammock! With a shade!

Build a 4 Color T-Shirt Printing Press – crafts crafting diy

Ok, now this one is for someone with a workshop, or a printing business maybe? Not for an average crafter.

Dolls – crafts crafting diy

My kids could make this some day! I hope!

Homemade flubber for kids – summer bucket list – crafts crafting diy

Ohhh, now this one is for us – of course, the baby will try to eat this flubber stuff, so maybe we’ll try it in a bit.

Top Summer Crafts for Tuesday craftsDIY

Hey, this is my own post from yesterday – what do you know!

Lighthouse terra cotta pots – crafts crafting diy

Ok, do you like this one? I am not sure about it. Maybe if I were to style my front or backyard in a beach theme but that won’t work very well for our rainy climate, so I don’t know, I am not sure about this one, but you be the judge!

crafts crafting diy

Aaaawh! Cute!

MOLDE PARA CARRINHOS – crafts crafting diy

Not sure what to do with this one – ideas?

Simply the best – thank you/thinking of you gift – crafts crafting diy

Hey, this is a cute printable – I gotta learn to make these!

This quote reminds me of Cassie, wings to show her how high … – crafts crafting diy

Cute quote!

Teacher Gift – End of the Year – crafts crafting diy

Will have to save this one for next year!

Quiet Book Patterns Ideas – crafts crafting diy

These are gorgeous! But they look like a lot of work to me! Maybe some day, when my kids grow up, and I can  have some time for crafting…

Don’t let a rainy day dampen your mood, too. These bright and … – crafts crafting diy

Beautiful – stylish!

Beautiful Crochet Bracelet Inspiration! crochet bracelet – crafts crafting diy

This one is a gorgeous crochet piece! Would love to learn it myself!

Embroidery kit Embellished Cross Stitch por TamarNahirYanai en Etsy – crafts crafting diy

I would never be able to do this one. Maybe you can – it looks amazing!

DIY Beach House Decorating Ideas DIY Decor Home

This is going to be my beach home when I retire on an island next year – Duh!

Looking for a simple DIY project? Check out this upcycled wood trim sign:

Not sure about his one – are you into woodwork anyway?

Were measuring heat & humidity in Harlem homes with DIY sensors this summer. WNYC

DIY garden labels or, as my son calls them, “plant tombstones” 😉 He’s probably right!

21 DIY dog beds >>>

These dog beds look great!

Planning a Breakfast at Tiffany’s party? etsy bride bridal wedding DIY etsymntt

Cool idea for a grown-up party!

La reconquista del patchwork: vuelve en telas y en azulejos! Trucos DIY.

I am jealous!

TUTORIAL / Curso gratis: Introduccin a la ilustracin vectorial

Now this is something I am learning just about now! 🙂

DIY Tutorial Decoupage Bags crafts diy Watch the tutorial HERE:

Looks Christmasy! Lovelies!

Large mouth bass … – woodworking diy handmade crafts jewelry


Fun DIY wall art ideas from old CDs crafts

Put those old CDs to use here!

Theres no denying that wood burning is one on-trend craft thats here to stay! DIY

This one is an old fashioned craft – still going strong!

Wall Sculpture Squirrel Wood Carving … – woodworking diy handmade crafts jewelry

My toddler would love this one!

Make a drawstring bag EASY! 🙂 DIY Sewing crafts

This looks easy enough – maybe I should recommend it to my daughter!

Foundation cuts from Donald Mertz, great … – woodworking diy handmade crafts jewelry

Cool trick to get you started here!

Crochet Minions Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern crochet DIY crafts

My middle daughter has her name on it.

DIYscoveries : DIY helping hands for less than $10

Not too sure what this one is exactly – but sounds cheap 🙂

Wicker basket planter ! DIY gardening

This one is cute! Hope it works!

Recycled tire planters – garden diy gardens gardening

Put those tires to good use here!

10 ideas DIY para reciclar madera y decorar tu casa, terraza o jardn ->

This is an ambitious project for me.

Woah! This honeycomb wall art at ohjoy is RAD: diy

Wow – beautiful!

Hand-carved. Work by Boris Kopilevich. (woodworking diy

Bet you can’t do this one – I can’t!

Piper Review : DIY computer in a box (with Minecraft) diy minecraft raspberry_pi

DIY Stencil & Spray Glitter Jackets by orlyshani

skulls are not my style but here it is

TutorialCmo borrar las cookies de mi computadora?

Me want cookies

Quieres aprender el efecto piedra con Photoshop? En este tutorial te enseo cmo

Cute Minion!

Top javascript Getting Started with Angular2 and Typescript AngularJSFan tutorial

No idea what Angular is exactly.

Crochet Bag – Chart – crafts crafting diy

Looks complex, but I bet it isn’t.

tree template – crafts crafting diy

This is a neat one.

Great tips for creating your own chalkboard art! Everything … – crafts crafting diy

Mental note to myself: will use this one when I get a restaurant.

DIY Bina Brianca Wrap. It can be worn as a scarf, cardigan, … – crafts crafting diy

Love this wrap!

Maggie’s Crochet Stained Glass Afghan – crafts crafting diy


Unglaublich! Kissen bedrucken mit … – crafts crafting diy

Do these stay on I wonder?

My Superhero, My Dad – FREE poem and printable! Perfect for … – crafts crafting diy

Nice poem!

Grilling 101: Barbecue Basics for Rookies (Infographic) – … – crafts crafting diy

Nice template to use for drawing paisleys – crafts crafting diy

Lovely paisleys for you!

Jesus said to him, No one who puts his hand to the plow and l … – crafts crafting diy

Ok, I know this is not a craft

, , – crafts

Now this technique I cannot do 🙁

Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! book – crafts crafting diy

American quilts!

The harem romper is an easy, ADORABLE, casual pattern. It’s a … – crafts crafting diy

My babies never did get into wearing rompers that much.

Check out this item in my Etsy shop … – crafts crafting diy

What a beautiful picture!

Painted Patchwork Craft Kit – affiliate DIY craftkit craft quilt coasters

Nice coasters!

Bunte Weihnachten – Bilder & Videos – Magazin – TOPP Kreativ – crafts crafting diy

This actually looks doable for my kids – try it, too!

Make Jersey Knit Bracelets – using old T-Shirts OR Jersey … – crafts crafting diy

Love this!

Minute to Win It Games – Suck It Up 10 More Fun Minute to … – crafts crafting diy

Cool games for birthdays!

Coconut Oil for Pets: The Benefits and Uses of Coconut Oil for … – crafts crafting diy

Put that coconut oil to good use for your pets!

Diese selbstgemachten Kerzenstnder knnen zum Hingucker des W … – crafts crafting diy

Why are there so many Christmas things in July? I thought it was only me with my crazy Christmas themed giveaway, but I guess this is what others worry about as well…

Snorlax Perler Bead Door Hanger by … – crafts crafting diy

We have tried this type of bead art and failed miserably – the beads don’t stay together

Gift Basket Ideas – crafts crafting diy

Hope I am getting you inspired if you are still reading and looking!

Macrame Emporium Craft Pattern Book Beehive Clothespin Bag … – crafts crafting diy

Looks like a lot of work.

tunic dress sewing pattern free. how to sew tunic dress. blue … – crafts crafting diy

Nice one!

How to Make Simple But Effective Mold Removing Spray – crafts crafting diy

I need this one!

Fruits of Our Labors II, by Steve Armstrong – crafts crafting diy

Wow, just Wow like my daughter would say!

The Print Designer’s Bundle – crafts crafting diy

I need this one!

butterfly – crafts crafting diy

These look realistic!

Robot Bunny Plush – crafts crafting diy

What a cutey!

outdoor – crafts crafting diy

Beautiful layout!

Instructions for Bewitching Hexagons Bracelet by njdesigns1, $10.00 – crafts crafting diy


Wedding-day white teeth! My dentist actually told me about … – crafts crafting diy

Finding Dory inspired handprint fish kbnmoms findingdory kidcraft crafts

This is so nice!

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