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The very first craft I found today seems a bit too complex for me – like building a wheel from scratch – maybe you will find this a bit easier for you – enjoy!

How to create your dream Fender guitar DIY

Enter the giveaway MomsWhoSave $150 Lowes gift card & ProcterGamble prize! DIYandDIVE

This is my third post featuring this giveaway I think – seems quite popular online – what a great prize for anyone loving DIY from Lowe’s!

Decorating your home on a budget? Here’s a fun and easy DIY project. Handmade Jute basket: .

Budget decorations is all about how we decorate!

cute garden owl – crafts crafting diy

Cute indeed!

How to make this classic throne of summer. We include plans … – crafts crafting diy

Wow – this looks like a good project for a pair of wood working hands.

DIY Step-by-step on how to make your own kombucha for beauty by livingprettynat

Love Kombucha! It does require a bit of effort to get going with it though.

How to design a custom running shirt using your old race bibs! diy tutorial run

I wish I had enough Race bibs for this!

Get fit without going broke with these DIY fitness accessories!

This is a nice post!

How to build your own canoe DIY

Another woodworking project! My-my!

DIY Cute Bunny Toy!! diy craft tutorial toy doll kid blogger handmade

So many variations of these types of toys – I like these bunnies!

SlashKnots – crafts crafting diy

Not sure what that is, really, but could turn out to be a cool craft!

DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers! These are such a nifty idea … – crafts crafting diy

I wonder if these would break up a lot. Those cereal boxes are not that sturdy – we always end up making holes in them.

Woof crafts crafting diy

Aaaahw! Cute!

Love these little fabric and felt Christmas trees – crafts crafting diy

Christmas in July project!

Operation Christmas Child simple sewing kits Great for older … – crafts crafting diy

This could work for Girl scout kits – we had similar ones done for our girls.

Zentangle bookmark printable from crafts crafting diy

Adult coloring books are all the rage now. These are similar.

Crochet a Flower With Pull Tabs – crafts crafting diy

Wow, this one looks almost like tatting to me- nice work!

Fall Wreath – crafts crafting diy

The earlier you get those wreaths done, the closer you will be to those pumpkin spice lattes! (Especially if you have a bottle of one of those stashed in your pantry like I do – hee hee)

Felt bookmark cat! – crafts crafting diy

I wonder what would happen if I had one of these – I know – my baby would probably just tear this one apart. I guess I’ll make it in about 10 years from now.

Top10 jewelry making videos on howto make mens jewelry crafts craftshout

Love watching tutorial videos – especially like to scroll through them fast!

Travel memories, diy. Actually sweet and cool. I want to … – crafts crafting diy

I have always wanted to make one of these!

Irish crochet motifs.. – crafts crafting diy

This is very detailed work

Wild Waves block – crafts crafting diy

10 Garage Sale Hacks to Save You Time & Make You Money – crafts crafting diy

OK, this one would work! However, I don’t do a lot of garage sales.

DIY Upholstered Storage Ottoman – step by step tutorial – build frame and upholster

TutorialLibera espacio de almacenamiento en Android:

Best how to make your own MaryPoppins costume for Halloween tutorial ever! DIY disney s

7 Easy Homemade Sauces to Spice up Any Meal: DIY sauces

Al mundo DIY vuelve y cmo! un viejo conocido: el patchwork. Eso s: reinventado.

Neat, I could see these done by my grandmother.

15 Gorgeous DIY Decorations For Your Wedding –

Create your own Moroccan-inspired stool. diy

Could be a cool busy project – looks like a lot of steps.

Use dish detergent to bleach fabric! DIY

Crochet Headband Pattern DIY crochet crafts

Ziernhte und Stickerein zum Selber machen. DIY Stitching – crafts crafting diy

Make a drawstring bag EASY! 🙂 DIY Sewing crafts

Did you know you can make washable DIY fabric paint easily and cheaply at home? crafts DIY htt

Top Summer Projects for Wednesday craftsDIY

Ha-ha – my post made it on my own list!

Such a simple and delicate wall hanging! whitehousecraft diy craft

This one looks simple enough to make!

DIY Water Balloon Pump fun kids party DIY crafts craftbuzz crafthour beCraftsy

That’s a neat hack!

Have an ugly thermostat? Here are 4 creative ways to hide it! DIY

Do you see the thermostat?

Transform plain-Jane planters into terracotta treasures with paint and liquid leaf! DIY

World’s most GORGEOUS DIY garden paths

DIY : Amusez vos enfants avec cette pte modeler 100% naturelle

OK, playdough is a very common activity – we do this a lot!

Creative DIY bookcases

How do these work? Can’t figure it out…

25+ DIY recipes using essential oils >>> yleo

How to make a vertical succulent garden: DIY

TutorialCmo s si mi Android tiene el malware HummingBad?

DIY Clothespin Air Freshener DIY craftshout craftbuzz idea scentsy

Bullet Journal Page – Key – crafts crafting diy

DIY projects with kids that are actually easy diyprojects DIY crafts

This is neat!

.Free Pattern – Star Afghan – crafts crafting diy

What a wonderful afghan!

Rustic Distressed American Flag USA Star by TheUnpolishedBarn, … – crafts crafting diy

Ideas para fiestas con BLONDAS | Tarjetas Imprimibles – crafts crafting diy

Beautiful birthday party ideas!

a very simple card using buttons | repinned by … – crafts crafting diy

This is a nice and easy homemade button postcard!

Celebrate Crafts diy craftsPlease

Cut a small x into the Ping pong balls, and pop them over the bulbs – crafts crafting diy

If you have this many ping pong balls. Wouldn’t it be cool to just buy more expensive lights? Some crafts I just don’t get, and that’s ok.

Giving cheap plastic decorations a rusted metal look. – crafts crafting diy

Hmmm…. Why would you need a rusty snowflake? I guess if you need one, here is how you can do it…

Folk Khokhloma painting from Russia. Floral pattern. art … – crafts crafting diy

Yes, this is the real deal – but hard to do.

Baby Girl Dress Baby Shower Invitations – crafts crafting diy

paper flowers backdrop – crafts crafting diy

This one would require a lot of time I think!

florentine’s | malabrigo Mechita and Sock in Diana and Azul … – crafts crafting diy

This one looks like would also require quite a bit of skill.

Leather bag construction – crafts crafting diy

I have never made a bag, but I love bags, so now I have some idea 🙂

Great look. Vintage feel, shiny but subtle and doesn’t look … – crafts crafting diy

Small Pallet Wine Rack / Rustic Wine Shelf / Book Shelf / … – crafts crafting diy

Love this one!

Beverage Station Tutorial on crafts crafting diy

Rosa ‘Souvenir de la Malmaison’ – crafts crafting diy

DIY Friendship Bracelet Tutorial – crafts crafting diy

shine brite zamorano: celebration of art 2015 edition! – crafts crafting diy

This looks like an awesome school project!

A really easy, but gorgeous DIY crochet blanket, even a first … – crafts crafting diy

James bond style Survival tin, firestarters, cordage, cutting … – crafts crafting diy

How to Draft a Basic Bodice Pattern Sewing & Embroidery – crafts crafting diy

– … –

If you ever need a house for your mice – this is how you do it!

Sidewalk Squirty Paint – this stuff is so fun it kept my kids … – crafts crafting diy

Welcome, Baby Luke! Fabric Scrap DIY Door Wreath DIY crafts newbaby DIYwreaths

Fourth of July Baby Girl Fourth of July Shirt/Onesie by ALGDezigns – crafts crafting diy

I love this one! Maybe I should make it some day – nice font!

How to make a non-toxic bug repellent luminary in a mason jar … – crafts crafting diy

Great idea for a bug spray alternative!

Howto Personalize Ceramic Plates with Sharpies DIY craft tutorial

Cinnamon Scented Pinecones are the definition of fall decor! … – crafts crafting diy

I am totally doing this one in the fall! Cinnamon scented pinecones!!!!

Free Kitchen Printables. I love that these make me think of … – crafts crafting diy

This craft I am not a fan of – do you like it?

table made with horse shoes | Custom made sofa table with … – crafts crafting diy

This is also over my head – I like it but I don’t think I will ever be able to do it.

Lyckoslanten: december 2014 – crafts crafting diy

This is a great idea! Christmas crafts – with music note paper! Easy-peasy!

Perfect tail plaiting | Improve Your Riding | Your Horse – crafts crafting diy

DIY holographic Helmer!! crafts crafting diy

Cute Father’s Day gift ideas! – crafts crafting diy

Coral and Tusk – mouse tooth fairy pillow – crafts crafting diy

Oh, this is super cute!

food crochet – crafts crafting diy


shadow puppets – crafts crafting diy

Oh, this is an old fashioned activity 🙂

IKEA magnetic strips are the perfect way to store and organize … – crafts crafting diy

Clean you car vents with a sponge brush, and other car … – crafts crafting diy

I am totally taking this cleaning tip!

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