Just wanted to share a story from last night.

My husband wanted to order some Diet Coke, but it was late, and he was tired, and didn’t want to drive to our near-by convenience store.

So, at around 9 pm he ordered his coke online through Amazon same day delivery services. His order was promised to be arriving before midnight.

Granted, as he was tired, he didn’t want to stay up waiting for it, so he called their contact number to request the coke to be simply left at our door. The reason for this was that the product was considered “Perishable”, so for that reason they always request you to actually be at home, answer the door, and receive the product directly to make sure it doesn’t spoil. As goes with sealed pop drinks, they are obviously fine to be left at the door of the house, and so my husband wasn’t sure if he was going to stay up at night, and called to request the drinks to be simply left at the door.

The phone call was answered by someone with an accent, probably from India, and most likely meant that the call was literally responded by someone in India as it was probably directed to a call center in India. My husband asked the guy to leave a message for the driver deliverer to leave the drinks at the door.

I stayed up last night in my bedroom. My husband was going back and forth in the house doing stuff. Later on at night, his watch he left in the bedroom started beeping. As I knew that my husband was online, i sent him a message that his watch is beeping. He then sent me a message back saying “Tnx”, got up downstairs, and went to the door to check if that was the delivery guy.

It, indeed, was, and turned out to be a Russian guy delivering for us last night. My husband got all of his cokes, several cases of them, and stacked them downstairs. He later told me that the transaction cost him less per can than if he were to go to the convenience store himself.

Could you ever imagine, like 20 years ago, that getting a drink across the street would actually involve dealing with a multi-national corporation, calling across the globe, and then having many people involved from different backgrounds all over the world delivering you your order, and still paying less than getting it across the street from a convenience store?

This is the power of Amazon right here! We buy almost everything on Amazon, and most of the time either pay very little, or almost nothing.

A few days ago we got Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, free for the first month, and now I am reading up on the books I have wanted to read for a long time! My kids are getting a lot of reading done for their summer reading challenges as well.

My next step with Amazon is getting Amazon Fresh. We already receive lots of products through their monthly subscriptions, and almost all of the gifts that we ever get, or home electronics, and accessories, all come from Amazon.

Today is Amazon Prime day where you can get lots of deals on products you have been looking at for a while now.

The best part about Amazon is that most of the time the shipping is absolutely free! It is so cost-efficient, and you don’t spend any time or money on going to the store! Products that you buy week after week, that you have already tried many times can and should be ordered in bulk, if you have space to store them, and then your weekly and monthly shopping trips will be a breeze!

Hope you get to use Amazon just as much as we do. This company is not out there to make a gigantic profit on you, their margins are very slim, but shopping on Amazon will save you tons of time and money!


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