If you are struggling with fruit flies in the house, and cannot always finish up a bottle of wine in one day, you need new Genie Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers!

Genie Wine Stoppers

These are cute stoppers I got to try by Wine Trip – they are sold on Amazon – check them out!

Genie Wine Stoppers

These wine stoppers are great to keep for yourself, or bring in with a wine bottle as a gift. These bottle stoppers are easy to use, and they are great quality – very colorful! I have always wanted to have these types of accessories as we often end up having fruit flies at home, and whenever we get an open bottle of wine, the poor flies get trapped in there, and you essentially cannot use the wine any more. This way, when using these wine stoppers, it is possible for us now to enjoy the wine for a few days if we cannot finish it right away.

These wine stoppers are so easy to clean, and reuse as much as you need.

Here is my video showing these in action.

Sample was provided discounted for testing and a review. This is a sponsored post.

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