Tessemae’s Marinades Will Highlight Your Summer BBQ and Family Dinners

Powerful Flavors that Will Help you Create Memorable Meals in a Flash

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Last week in our household was the week of the Independence Day celebrations. We spent a lot of time with the family, enjoying the weekend, and creating memories! One thing that worked this past week was the fact that our meals were not very involved, yet turned out some of the most amazing meals we have eaten in the few past weeks. Sometimes it is not necessarily all about the effort, the time, or following the exact instructions, but it is rather about choosing the right ingredients that will elevate the meal, and help inspire to create great new dishes!

We have tried different recipes this past week, and were mostly making different dishes with a new set of sauces and fixings from Tessemae’s. It is a new for me company from the East, and we were fortunate to have received their box of sauces to try out! We used their BBQ sauce and their wing sauce sauce for amazing dishes – enjoy the pictures!

For the wings my husband made a dip of butter and buffalo wing sauce. Then he dipped the wings into the dry mixture of salt, pepper and Parmesan cheese. The flavor was incredible! The wings came out very crispy, and delicious!

For the BBQ ribs my husband simply prepared the ribs on the BBQ, and then added the sauce at the very end. Everyone loved the BBQ flavor of the sauce!

We still have their mustard, ketchup, another sauce, and mayonnaise to enjoy!

I find for our family in particular, with three kids running around, trying to pack in as many activities we can to enrich their lives, we sometimes find it hard for us to cook wholesome meals completely from scratch every single day. I am glad we have found a company with excellent products that we can trust, and that taste incredible, and give us a chance to reminisce about the flavors of the North East.

It’s time to take a close look at the foods you are eating – and that starts with your condiments and marinades. Whether we realize it or not, We spend a good bit of time planning for the perfect meal… prepping, smelling, washing, chopping and then in the last possible moment, we screw it all up with the seasoning we choose. Let’s stop all that.

Tessemae’s organic dressings, marinades, and condiments are the perfect enhancement to these delicious foods – they use real, whole sourced food ingredients and are now certified USDA organic

Tessemae’s is as close to what you would make in your own kitchen… just already done.

Tessemae’s products contain no added sugar, thickeners, or additives –unlike most salad dressings on the market. Here, where we live, Tessemae’s is available at Whole Foods, Kroger-Fred Meyer and QFC.

I have learned a lot about Tessemae’s this week – this is a new company for me, and I am so excited about their products! Tessemae’s All Natural is a growing natural food company from Annapolis Maryland thatmakes clean, fresh dressings, marinades, and condiments with real ingredients and nopreservatives. They make 25 different types of marinades and condiments – all of which are USDA organic, gluten free, non-GMO, vegan and Whole30 approved – and contain no added sugar or xantham gum…ever!

The Vetter brothers, Greg, Brian, and Matt, launched the brand in 2009 at their local WholeFoods Market in Annapolis, Maryland, using a simple recipe created and used by their mom throughout their childhood.  Tessemae’s commitment to healthy eating and living is thecore of their mission, to provide simple, yet delicious food to consumers made with realingredients. All products are also available for purchase directly from Tessemae’s at www.tessemaes.com

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