Our summer is in full swing here! All of my girls are at home, and trying to make the best of their time together now! Their days are full of playing with each other, and helping me stay afloat with cleaning and chores. They have been doing much better listening, and following my requests. We all know what happens when we are slow – the whole house looks like it has been destroyed by barbarians, and all at the hands of our toddler.

My big job for today was finally washing her toddler seat. I am glad I got to do this, and it is so easy to wash, but she loses access to the seat for the time of washing, so I used my backup plan. We sat her down at our main table, and used a new placemat that glued to the table surface.

The first time I saw these mats was at one fast food chain, and I was so happy to find out about them! This way, when your baby sits at the table anywhere, you don’t have to worry about the mess, and her food getting dirty, as she will simply put the food on the mat instead of putting it directly on the table.

This particular mat is cute. Our baby right away started naming what she saw on the mat – all the flowers, the sun, the pineapple – very cute! She also got a pen and tried to color the mat. I think that might be a bit of a miss here as the baby thinks that this is a coloring page essentially. I am not sure if that was the idea behind these mats or not. I guess we could give her some markers. I don’t think crayons will work on this plastic. So, other than an immediate desire to write on it, it is a great mat – lots of cute pictures! I think it might be a problem though if you have a wooden table, and your toddler gets hold of a pen, and starts drawing on this mat, and making little prints from the pen – I can see how quickly some cheaper tables can be ruined here – so a bit of a warning with this mat is necessary.

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