Top Ten Activities to Do with Your Pet This Summer – and a Pet Contest!

If you have a pet and are wondering what you could come up with for the summer to do – read on!

All you want to do for your pet is to be happy, and healthy! One was to keep them running around, and staying happy is giving them a way to play, and express themselves, while having fun!

Here are 10 activities that you can do with your pet – some may be things that you already do, some might be new for you!

1. Take your pet for a walk in the park! Dog owners are no strangers to this pet activity, obviously! However, if you have a little bunny rabbit, or a reptile, going to a park could also be possible! Make sure the pet is well protected and is on a leash! As long as you keep an eye on them they are sure to enjoy the sunshine this summer, and stretch their paws well!

2. Take your pet to the Dentist! Have you checked your pet with a pet dentist? Even if you are sure the pet does not have any problems, it is always good to go for a regular checkup!

3. Get your pet a pet activity and sleep monitors. Just like we can now track out activity levels with wearable technology, there are devices that exist in the market now that can help you find out whether your pet is staying active!

4. Take your pet to a professional photographer! Did you know that you could set up a session with your pet, or just of the pet alone with a professional photo studio? Having professional photos of your pet will help you remember the pet, and enjoy seeing how cute they are in a beautiful professional photo!

5. Play agility games with your pet outside. A simple game of fetch can substantially improve your dogs health.

6. Alternatively, you could bring your pet to special agility classes. Professional trainers will allow the animal enjoy itself!

7. If you are not sure what exercises and techniques are best for your type of pet – check the local library, pet store or online for specific ideas of how to entertain your pet, and help him stay active!

8. Nutrition is another important part of your pet’s daily health! Make sure to provide food that is healthy and rich in vitamins! Just like you would only want to eat the best food, your pet needs the best to stay healthy! You are there for your pet to ensure that the pet receives enough nutrition and is not gaining too much weight or staying too thin. Explore some new food options that you haven’t tried for your pet yet this summer.

9. Throw a party for your pet to enjoy! Whether this is your pet’s birthday, or just a fun day to remember, it can be an event for everyone involved!

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10. Participate in a new pet contest!

Pet Photo Contest Details

Is your pet a pawty animal? Prove it! Enter our #PawtyPeople Photo Competition. To enter for a chance to win, just follow these steps:

1. UPLOAD a photo of your pet being a summer pawty animal to our contest form or your favorite social media platform by 7/25. Make sure to use #PawtyPeople so your entry can be counted!

2. SHARE your photo submission like crazy with all your friends so they can help vote starting 7/26!

3. VOTE every day from 7/26 to 8/11 to increase your chances of winning! *Limit one vote per person, per entry daily. Submission period ends 11:59:59 PM EST on July 25, 2016. Voting period ends 11:59:59 PM EST on August 11, 2016.

 Pawty People Photo Contest

     Enter now

The individual whose photo receives the highest number of votes will receive a custom digital portrait of his or her pet by one of our designers. Plus, the winning pet will reach a new level of fame — the winning photo will be featured on an Evite invitation on!

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