5 Pinterest Worthy Salads in a Summer Salad Roundup

Sometimes when it is hot in the summer all you need is a bowl of fresh salad for a light and healthy meal

Today I wanted to write up a blog post with simple new salads I have found while browsing. Very often for lunch I feel unwilling to make a whole meal from start to finish, and even for some dinners salads are so much easier and faster to make than cooking up a storm.

I find summer salads to be especially delicious. They are usually made with vegetables and fruits at their best, sealing in the freshness of summer and harvest. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I did when I put it together.

Here are 5 recipes I have found today that are absolutely amazing, and you should try them out! These salads are all made with familiar ingredients, and sound perfect for my liking – lots of tomatoes, white cheese, and watermelons.

You know, your salad dish does not have to be always a side or a starter, it does not have to be a Caesar or a garden salad with store-bought dressing.

Experiment with these, and let me know in your comments which ones of these you like the most! Enjoy!

Green Goddess Summer Cobb Salad via Green Goddess Summer Cobb Salad

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