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One of the challenges this summer season is coming up with activities for my kids where they will have a lot of fun, yet experience something new to them. We have done so many fun activities around where we live already, now we have to come up with something that we don’t do on an everyday basis.

We have a skating ring around where we live, and I thought of going with the kids to the skating ring some time soon! Unfortunately, it is a stand alone ring, where they don’t seem to have a lot of supplies available for skating right on the property – at least I have never found a store there.

So, next thing for us is to prep for skating from the comfort of our home! We do so much online shopping, we are no strangers to getting everything bought online.

One great store that I have found that sells figure skating supplies is store.

I find it is often hard to find perfect supplies to make your skating experience excellent. Skating does not have to be about sore feet, and broken and lost accessories. If you don’t have a good set of lace bite preventers or ice skate guards – this site is the place to go to if you need a set of new or substitute accessories. This is often an issue for us as we tend to buy used skates for kids, and sometimes those skates need more added lost or broken adjustments and parts, and some relief for our kids’ tired feet.

This site also promises selling ice skates and apparel – I am hoping to stock up for the winter skating season there! For now, we are simply getting a few items there that we need. Most of the brands that this store carries now are Riedell, Jackson, Zuca and Guardog.

What I like the most so far is their super fast delivery and customer service! Free two day shipping is actually better service than I usually get from most of the largest online retailers!

Here are some of the ways you can contact this store –

Look for them if you are looking to purchase your ice skates – this store has a great blog that provides a wealth of information!

Check out facebook page – great tips there, and you can ask your questions as well!

My favorite place for ice skating accessories – can’t thank them enough!

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