These past few weeks I had a cool task to fulfill!
I got to choose and pick out a new perfume scent!
This is a difficult task for me to fulfill because I have certain scents that I like, and it is hard to break through this box thinking where I have a clear vision of the scent that I like, and trying out something new is really hard.
Going to a mall was out of question, as my baby is so squirmy, she just goes crazy in a busy place, and wouldn’t want to hang out with me while I would be trying different perfumes.
I decided to try out this time and get a perfume online!
A good place that I have found to shop for perfumes turned out to be the Fragrance Outlet –!
I chose the perfume to try online – “Bamboo” by Franck Olivier!
It was so pleasant to shop at this store – I cannot tell you how easy it was to choose the scent, read the description supplied on the site, and then simply get it online! It took about 2 days for the perfume to arrive to my house! I couldn’t believe it! I order a lot from one famous largest online retailer, and it sometimes takes weeks for items to arrive.
What I found in the box was even more exciting!
I have received not only the perfume, but also four amazing samples to try out! I also got a $5 coupon for my next purchase at Fragrance Outlet.
Next I got a bit frustrated – I wasn’t sure if I would actually enjoy the perfume I got. I am so set on the brands that I like that it is difficult for me to break through my perfect scent ideas.
Before opening the perfume, I have decided to find this perfume at a store first – I went to Fragrance Outlet store nearby, and decided to try a sample at the store.
Fragrance Outlet
Ultimately, I think this way of shopping is more appropriate when you don’t know the scent. Perfume is one of those products where most of the time you need to know what the scent is.
I was so relieved to try the scent at the store – it was very flowery, and sweet, very modern, and new. The scent reminded me of the new Chanel perfume, and some Calvin Klein scents I have seen as inserts in some magazines I read. This is a very nice scent! The actual outlet store nearby had so many great deals and sales – I was impressed! The store assistant was pleasant, and allowed me to try out some samples, and gave recommendations of which scent I should go with – this was very helpful.
The Fragrance Outlet is a place where you can get great deals any day of the year – try out either their outlet stores in your area, or look at perfumes that they have in their online store if you are looking for a new scent! (Just FYI – this is not an affiliate link for me – I do love the brand, and am honestly recommending this company).
In the end, after trying out the perfume, I have decided that unfortunately this scent is not for me even though I love the notes in it – the scent is quite strong for me and my taste. This perfume is the kind that has a combination of subtle scents, but is not a subtle scent in the end, and is simply not representative of my personality. It is a bold scent that needs a bold person to wear it. I am glad I got to check it out in the actual store to know that!
I am excited about this brand – perfumes by Franck Olivier, and how it is sold at Fragrance Outlet. The store sells only genuine perfumes, and for a very affordable rate! With the sales discounts it is quite possible to be able to afford a brand name perfume, and have the peace of mind that this is not a counterfeit product.
I think one good way to buy perfume is to check out their online deals if you already know the brand and exact scent you like, and are looking for – you will find a good deal! Online shopping works best when you have an idea what you would like to have! It is much easier to shop online, and so much faster, and you get lots of extras just for shopping through this store!
What I have noticed about the website for Fragrance Outlet is that there is a great seamless transition when you are purchasing – everything in the forms to fill out is logical, and keeps you peace of mind that your transaction has gone through, and is in good hands! So many times with other websites I click and don’t get any confirmations immediately, and as a result sometimes end up ordering several items, well, with this website nothing of the sort would ever happen! The transitions of the purchasing process were great, and easy to go through!
What I love about is that all of the brands that I could possibly consider ever getting are all there – and the prices are a lot more affordable than the malls around here – it is great to take advantage of all of the various deals that are offered online!
I have decided to give away the unopened perfume that I have received to one lucky reader of my blog!

Now for the giveaway!

I am setting up a giveaway for Franck Olivier “Bamboo” Eau de Parfum! One winner will be picked at the end of the giveaway by Giveaway Tools! The winner will have to state a US address and phone number, and Box Roundup will ship the perfume their way. This perfume was provided by Fragrance Outlet. Once the perfume has been shipped, there will be no returns, exchanges, reimbursements or refunds of any kind in case the perfume is damaged or lost in the mail.
Bamboo Eau de Parfum
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