Did you know that Groupon also sells merchandise on their site?

I know we often use Groupon for various types of event deals and restaurant deals, but they also sell a lot of cool merch on their site!

I love all the great deals I find, for things that I need, and never get in stores because they are usually too pricey.

As we mostly shop online now, Groupon is actually one of my favorite sites for cheaper tickets and goods. Why spend countless hours going around from store to store just to have to pay premium prices, and markups, when you can buy most things you would ever need online now, and it will all be delivered to your house!

I find that in Groupon Goods it is easy to find great prices, and awesome gifts that generally cost an arm and a leg in regular stores. I like the selection because they have all the items modern people need – items that are modern and practical, and cool looking!

Groupon has free shipping for orders over $34.99, which is all of the orders we would normally make, and free returns. It is great to see good deals there on electronics and kids products, as well as my favorite kitchen accessories – check those out!

Here are Groupon social network links – check them out for deals and notifications:

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