Being restricted by available space can be quite a hassle. Bathrooms are the best example.

Most of the people see bathrooms as a way to escape their daily life. Furthermore, this is one of the rare rooms in our home which we tend to lock. If you have a big family, you are probably aware of the fact that you rarely have any time to yourself. So, what better way to get some solitude than to immerse in a hot bathtub?

Unfortunately, many of us have small bathrooms. This is especially common for big city centers, where people live in rather tiny apartments.

However, having a small bathroom doesn’t need to be a hindrance. Instead, there are numerous ways we can address the issue, improving its functionality and décor. 

Here are some of the tips that will help you maximize available space in your tinny bathroom making it look bigger in the process.


  • Do not make clutter


People like to arrange household items and products based on their use. For example, if you love cereals, you will most likely have couple of boxes stored in kitchen.  Same rules apply in case of a bathroom. We like to have additional soaps, shampoos and other products at our fingertips. But, do you really need them there? Best thing which you can do is to remove them from bathroom and place them somewhere else. Some people might even consider relocating items like make-up. This depends on how often you use it and whether you have additional mirrors within your home.


  • Try positioning everything on a higher or a lower level


There is always a lot of unused space within our bathroom. People usually notice things which are on the same level as their eyes. We tend to omit things which are higher or lower. This is precisely the space which should be utilized in this case. Install additional shelves if you need more space for cosmetic and hygiene products. You can even position a shelf just above the door so that it remains inconspicuous and it provides additional space. If you don’t have enough space for a big cupboard, you can opt for wooden boxes. They can be placed on a ground level, in the corners, and they can be used for storing additional towels and paper rolls. Most people are preoccupied how this would look like; whether it would look cheap etc. As long as you have nice, trendy items, you can get away with basically anything, regardless of placement.


  • Make proper planning


Biggest mistakes are made during the construction. Before you start anything, you have to visualize your bathroom. You have to take into consideration all the pieces such as shower, toilet and any cupboards or cabinets which you want to install. Measure everything and try to make an optimal arrangement. If it helps you, use chalk and mark the areas where you wish to place certain objects. This way, you can make sure that you have just enough space to move around without bumping into things. Again, you have to be realistic when it comes to available space. The fact that you saw a nice piece in a depot doesn’t mean that you can functionally use it in your bathroom.


  • Do not put washing machine in your bathroom


If you live in US, this won’t be a problem for you. However, in Europe, it is common for families to have washing machine in their bathroom. As you well know, this takes an enormous space. If you are that limited, it is best to call an electrician and make the necessary adjustments so that you can place it in the kitchen. This is quite an investment but it will be worth it in the long run.


By following these basic tips, you will do wonders with your bathroom. Nevertheless, have in mind that small bathroom will still remain small no matter what you do with items and equipment within it. That being said, if you have enough space within your home, you can even think about a bigger construction project and tearing down the walls. You cannot go wrong with this!

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