The Olympic Games are in full swing now – are you cheering your team on?

Throughout my life, I have traveled the world, lived in different countries, and continents. Now we live in the USA, and supporting the American team in these Olympic Games is what we do the most! One of the reasons is the love of sports, and competition, and Team USA is so good at it! The results speak for themselves – here are athletes who have worked hard to earn their gold, and it is so incredible to see how they do in the competition! Here you have athletes from all over the world trying out for the gold, and Team USA is doing great at the Games!

In my family we believe in the power of hard work, and achieving the results by reaching for the stars. If you put enough time, and develop the skills, you can do anything! This is what I always say to my kids when they are learning new skills in sports.

My middle daughter does a lot of gymnastics. Her achievements are hard to quantify. She is persistent at different gymnastics moves and tricks, and is able to develop a lot of flexibility and athleticism skills when she works at it. We often take her to gymnastics classes in our neighborhood, and she is learning a lot of routines, and exercises. While she will probably never get gold at the Olympic Games, let’s be honest, she looks up at the athletes that do achieve the results, and tries her best to be encouraged to continue her own practices. You never know, maybe she will develop the skills to be that advanced some day, and to achieve the greatest honor for amateur athletes.

daughter doing gymnastics

daughter doing gymnastics

One of the reasons why my daughter has taken up Gymnastics as the sport was because of what she saw during the past Games. Gabby Douglas is one of her most favorite athletes! My daughter got inspired to do better at this sport because of the persistence and achievement, poise and grace, and incredible results of Gabby Douglas in this sport. We were so excited to see Gabby Douglas again this year in Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and she brought the Gold to the American team! What an incredible achievement!

Gabby Douglas

Of course, we are getting ready this year for a lot more activities for my daughter, and lots more gymnastics classes! She is so inspired now by the great performances and exercises she saw at Rio 2016, it is no wonder she is going to continue with her favorite gymnastics exercises!

Of course, she is quickly growing! One of the important lessons she is learning with her gymnastics exercises is to always be in good shape for activities – she jumps around, stands on her hands upside down all day long, not just at the gym, but at playgrounds, parties, and sometimes even competition arenas. As her body is changing, and she is in her tween years, we are starting to have discussions with her about grooming, and taking care of her skin. Luckily we have Venus Swirl Razor we got for her from Walmart to help keep her ready with her fancy exercises and tricks.

Venus razor

It is not always easy to choose the right razor for a tween who is not used to grooming yet. I myself use Venus brand razors, so this was quite natural for me to recommend this one to my daughter, just starting shaving. I think this razor is easy to use, and it helps achieve good, smooth skin without missing a lot of hair. The FLEXIBALL™ and five individually adjusting Contour™ blades also helps to provide a proper glide so that it is easy for a kid to use this razor. The fact that moisture actually activates this razor to glide better is an incredible advantage to using it in the shower, and makes it so easy, and quick to get done while the razor does not slip out of your hands at all.

I was a bit apprehensive to get this razor for my daughter at first, as she is so picky. That is why Walmart is the best place – the prices are always right! I find Walmart deals to be almost unbeatable! My daughter likes to save money, as much as I do, so we enjoyed shopping and getting new gear for her this summer!

I did not realize for a long time that Venus Swirl razors were made by one of my most favorite companies P&G! They are supporting the Olympic Games movement, and we can support Team USA by shopping for P&G products at Walmart!

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