Hey, other than getting rid of vampires, of course!

So, are you trying to live a healthier life, and are wondering how you can possibly figure out what to eat, and what is best for you with all the masses of conflicting health information and confusing health data (is coffee and red wine with red meat on top good or bad for you in the end, I do not know any more)?

There is so much coming out in the research world, let’s try to get to the bottom of it here…

The Diet Myths – To Garlic or not to Garlic?!?

I think we can be sure to say now that the Mediterranean diet has been considered one of the best diets in the world. I would say, with all of the health information out there now, it can be hard to know how to tackle this diet in particular, if we were to start on it….

I propose looking into eating more garlic personally.

Garlic is one of those quintessential Mediterranean ingredients that I have been always using in my cooking. It is easy for me to see all of the benefits, I just know I like it a lot, and I believe that it can help with your health goals.

Studies have shown that garlic is beneficial for reducing inflammation, boosting immune function, improving cardiovascular health, and even fighting cancer cells. (Garlic Fights 160 Diseases, Including Cancer via What’s So Great About Garlic? Here Are Some of Its Benefits)

1 clove of garlic per day – anyone?

So, how much garlic should you use when you prepare your food? I usually triple the recipe recommendations. If it says “put 1 clove of garlic” for your family amount portion for several people, I usually put in almost half of a bulb. Apparently, the WHO recommends to have at least 1 clove of garlic a day (15 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic via 15 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic – RachFeed) – so I am not that off.

I find that eating garlic in cooked dishes is not necessarily enough for me. It works wonders as a flavoring agent, but I believe that with cooking, some of the benefits of raw garlic probably diminish.

Did you think that you would be scaring all of your party friends with your garlic aroma? Are you having vampire parties much? If not, what is there to worry about?

So, you want to eat more garlic, now what?

Garlic is known to be a powerful antioxidant. I sometimes have trouble really understanding what those antioxidants actually do, but I know that garlic is something that you should take more of. We rarely think of garlic as an antioxidant, but we should. Next time you are looking for something at your store to improve your diet – go to the garlic section, and grab a few bulbs or even a whole bag of garlic!

We shop a lot at that famous bulk retailer, and it is often so tempting for us to grab one of those large containers with already pre-minced garlic, and we sometimes even do, and then I always kick myself for it – that’s our worst habit for you right there – a confession! But to be honest, there is nothing that can substitute raw freshly minced garlic for me. When I use raw garlic in my food, I know it is doing wonders to my dish, without adding any extra preservative flavors.

In the world of our powerful antibiotics no longer sometimes working, and so many viral colds going around in the community I find it to be such an inexpensive way to fight common colds – mix a bit of crushed garlic with honey on a hunk of bread, and you’ll be good to go!

How is that Garlic working out for you?

I have read that garlic can be used to fight acne, prevent cancer, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease (Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic via Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Raw Garlic). Have you ever used garlic before for any of these ailments? Has it helped you? I am curious about your most favorite uses for garlic, let me know in your comments!

I have recently been given an opportunity to try out a new set of products that have helped me eat more garlic in my diet (yes dear vampires, and you thought that 3 cloves per dish was overboard?!?).

One of the ways to help me stay on my course of increasing the amount of garlic in my diet, and eating more raw garlic is having some of the most important household supplies – raw garlic presses, and various garlic squeezers and graters. Different dishes call for different garlic tools, so I like to have a lot of different ones available (another reason is because I don’t do my dishes enough, so I always have a bunch of dirty garlic devices on my counter that I haven’t washed yet, and so I need to have some clean ones always available in my drawer at the same time).

See what happened when I put those garlic zesters through a test

I have tried using quite a few garlic presses, and each of them has its own advantages. ECALOO is the brand that has sponsored this post, and provided me with their garlic kitchen tools for a review.

testing my new garlic graters by ECALOO

I have tried using ECALOO grater with collecting groove, and find it to be most convenient for my soups. Making a garlic soup using this grater was so easy!

What happens with this grater is that you basically get to collect all of the garlic on the tray that comes attached, and no garlic juices will escape. This is most useful when you want to essentially puree your garlic, and you don’t need to use a blender later on in your preparation – you will already have everything you need – the garlic and its juices – and you can add it directly in your soup.

This is what I did last week – I made a potato garlic soup, and used raw garlic in my preparation, in addition to some roasted garlic. Because your garlic is all pureed, it will not change the texture of your soup much, and you can just add the garlic at the end.

Garlic Potato soup

The recipe that I used called for potatoes and garlic to be roasted first. Then half of the potatoes were boiled with chicken stock, and the other half was added in the end to the soup. This soup could be used with some cream as well – I didn’t end up adding any myself. What you can do with your garlic here, rather than adding garlic at the beginning and roasting it with the potatoes whole, you can peel and grate it, and add some of the garlic when your potatoes are almost done baking, and some straight into your prepared soup. Then you will have raw garlic in the soup, and will get the benefits of eating garlic raw, and won’t even notice the sharp taste of it in the soup. If you are still scared of eating raw garlic, try roasting it a bit – nothing can substitute the flavor of roasted garlic!

If you are interested in this product, check it out here, and you can also use a 50% off coupon that ECALOO has graciously provided my readers to get a discount, here is the coupon code to use – CDVWHABL

You could also try to win one of these graters – hope you get to enter the giveaway and win one for yourself (be sure to scroll down in this post to enter!)

Another garlic grater that I have tried was a shovel-shaped food grater by ECALOO. I think this grater is best used on the go, when you need to grate something and want to hold the grater over your dish conveniently. I know that in my house of garlic eaters this grater will be used time and time again, and it helps to get all the bits not escaping you with this grater, just like the other one. The shovel shape allows you to control where you want to place your garlic when you are cooking.

One model of garlic graters that is commonly used is also offered by ECALOO, and that is their stainless steel zester. We have had a competitor brand that we have used for zesting citrus, or garlic, but I can see now how ECALOO model is better in many ways – it has little rubber corners that will help keep your zester on the rim of your dish safer without it sliding as you are using it. The handle of the zester by ECALOO is also more durable and more ergonomic – it is made of silicone rather than solid plastic.

One final product that I got to try by ECALOO was their fine mesh strainer. This strainer can help you fish out some unwanted bits from your soup (I always have a bit of something escaping otherwise), or get some of your slippery dumplings out for you.

Now when I think garlic, I think ECALOO. They really got you covered in your garlic grating needs!
And now for the giveaway!

ECALOO is providing 5 winners of this giveaway on my blog with their great garlic graters with collecting groove. ARV for each of these is $12.99. ECALOO is responsible for prize fulfillment. No refunds, returns or substitutions will be provided once the prizes are mailed out.

Check out the sponsor’s video of the grater

ECALOO garlic grater

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