Magical Model Metal Fire Truck Activity

The summer is still in full swing here, and we are jam packing our kids’ time with activities, and fun things!

We have been exploring the city for several days last week, and we still have more to do downtown but today was a relaxing day in our house, and we were catching some quiet play time.

One of the challenges that I find with my kids is getting them to play more educational games. Every minute is valuable in their development, and I love finding activities that help them learn things without even realizing it!

I often look back at the days of my childhood, and even though I grew up in the Soviet Union, and we didn’t have Barbie dolls or fancy doll houses, we did have access to some of the most advanced games and play sets of the time.

One of the highlights of my childhood was a construction set with actual bolts and nuts, metal pieces. I was always so excited to get to play with it, even in elementary school, and I remember to be able to construct all sorts of stuff out of it.

Magical mechanical construction set

I was so excited to be able to find a set like that for my daughter! One of my daughters has a knack for making things, and enjoys crafts and engineering ideas. This set we got is so perfect for her!

Magical mechanical construction set

Magical mechanical construction set

She was playing with it for quite some time today, and is still learning to put together her challenge.

What I love about this set is that it is easy to put together as there are instructions provided, and at the same time it does provide a good challenge for your kid to actually follow through with the instructions, and figure out how to put together something with his/her own hands.

I think it helps with lots of major developmental skills – attention to detail, coordination, learning how things are made and hold up – you have to actually screw in the bolts and nuts together to make it work.

My daughter is often wondering about engineering, and creative challenges. This set is helping her understand what it takes to put together a mechanical based toy that is handmade.

We are always working with my daughter trying to develop strategies of following instructions, figuring out the next steps, and finishing projects taken up. I think this challenge is helping her to get visual instructions on how to put things together and make the whole structure work.

As my older daughter was working through the challenge, my toddler got very excited about a new toy that is being made, and started to help her sister as well. I love it when all of the kids get involved! While this set is certainly not for toddlers, it doesn’t hurt for all of the kids to learn, as long as there is supervision.

baby checking out a mechanical set

I will be posting more pictures of this activity as we progress on putting it together! So far I haven’t had to help at all as the kid was able to find all of the parts and get them working together on her own!

This set is available right now on Amazon for $29.99 and Free shipping, and you can find lots of other similar and cool sets with nuts and bolts directly from Blocknboltspace website – very affordable products, and amazing quality!

Here are some pictures of the finished model!

Fire truck model

Fire truck model

Before long, we haven’t even noticed how the day has wound down! It was a pretty hot day, and at the end of the day we even got to enjoy some cool watermelon! The company Kitschi It that provided the construction set, has also sent us a watermelon slicer – I have always wanted to have one!

Watermelon slicer

How is your summer going? Any special activities planned for the rest of it, or are your kids already back to school?

The time is flying so fast here, I am no longer noticing where the days are going!

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