Yesterday we had a full day outside with the family going out to a market, enjoying a bit of sunshine – we don’t get a lot of sun here, but when we do, we always need to be sure our skin is fully protected!

Lots of products in the market for sun protection – lots of favorite sunblocks – and for my kids I prefer to use a sunscreen that is easy to apply – so a spray one works well.

At my age I myself often worry about my skin aging fast. I know that the Sun is the one important factor for skin aging – you may look nicely tanned, but ultimately your skin doesn’t like it. While tanning is a natural thing to do when you are out in the sun, I feel I need to make sure my skin is protected as much as possible, and using proper products for skin protection is a must for me!

Even a bit of time in the Sun, outside in the summer can impact how your skin looks and feels. I personally like products that can also protect my skin from IR radiation rays. I have read an article that those rays are particularly found to be culprits in skin aging, and I always want to make sure that I get proper protection before going outside, or going to the beach or pools. Having a product that can stay on the skin despite going in the water, and giving you good SPF protection is important!

I have found a new product that is water resistant and provides both IR protection, and is SPF 50+ sunscreen. I have been using it for about a week now since receiving it for a review, and I think it will last me for this summer-fall season. The product is produced by SkinMedica, and is easy to apply on the skin – it does not form any rolls, leave any grease or white traces on the skin.  The skin stays smooth and does not feel oily. I love this product and am so happy I can be protected from infrared radiation now – not a lot of products out there provide this type of skin protection!

Here are some pictures of the food we got yesterday at the market – and my new sunscreen front and center! #SkinCareHeaven

SkinMedica sunscreen

This is where you can get SkinMedica Total Defense Sunscreen SPF 50+ –

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