This week has been busy at home with lots of blogging, and our final school preparations.

Most of what I have on my mind though is about my brother who is going through a crisis right now, and I have touched upon his events a bit on the blog – we have been worried about him for a while now, and I am hoping that in the coming days and weeks he can feel better, at least for now.

I have been packing a get well package for him, and received a T-shirt recently for a review. This T-shirt is well made as the shirt itself is made by American Apparel, and I have always wanted to have something by this brand. The T-shirt has a print on it that is by Raccoon brand. This is a bit of a cheeky brand in my opinion, not something for me, or my husband to wear – we are quite conservative in what we wear.

As the T-shirt is well made I will be happy to put it aside for my brother to wear, he likes shirts with prints. The only time I can see myself wearing this shirt is to make fun of myself – this T-shirt sports a raccoon in the front of it! These cheeky T-shirts are getting quite popular around where we live, I see people wearing these types of styles a lot, so I think it is an interesting item.

Raccoon brand T-shirt

Raccoon brand T-shirt

Raccoon brand caps

This brand also carries caps, or lids – you would call them, I suppose. They also have a wide selection of other shirts available – the quality of the shirts is awesome! They feel really well on you, very comfortable!

I am generally quite serious about T-shirts I wear, or let my family wear, and my main concern is the feel of the shirt. This one certainly feels great to wear! I think my brother will enjoy wearing it, it is in his style. He is a millennial, young and carefree, very independent. I think this style of wear is most suitable for the younger crowd.

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review. This is a sponsored post.

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