Review of Wonder Bumpers

Yesterday I got a moment to install my new set of Wonder Bumpers for our baby’s crib! We used to own special bumpers for our older kids, but they got quite worn out with time, and the crip desperately needed a makeover! This new set is amazing!

The wonder bumpers come with a mattress box skirt, a fitted sheet, a special matching blanket, and a set of bumpers for the crib bars.

The set looks perfect for a girl as it is pink. My baby was so delighted to see the Wonder bumpers on the crib bars. My baby has been known to try to stick her leg or arm out of the crib on many occasions, and sometimes get stuck in between the bars. These bumpers are going to do the job now to protect her from falls and getting stuck. They are safe to use, and she will not be able to remove the bumpers herself.

Wonder Bumpers

The company that made these is called Go Mama Go Designs.


* removes risk of suffocation and entanglement
* protects baby’s head and body
* maintains optimum air flow
* inhibits toddlers from climbing out
* keeps limbs safely inside crib
As far as I am concerned, the look of these bumpers on the crib is outstanding! On top of the looks, they are going to help my baby not bump her head, and not get hurt. I would say it will be hard for her to crawl out of the crib with these on, so I am definitely hoping that the bumpers will give me that added protection as well. I know that it is important to prevent baby from suffocating, and generally there should be no soft objects near the baby in the crib. My baby is a toddler now, so I am not super concerned with suffocation right now, and am sure these bumpers will do their job without creating a hazard.

I made a video to show what these look like on the crib and how to install them.

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review. This is a sponsored post.

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