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With all of the available styles out there some of my most favorite combinations of wear and styles involve wearing basic T-shirts with a pair of pants. This is my go-to style of everyday clothing, the more basic, the better. in my opinion, everyday clothing may or may not have to necessarily be super stylish. When I am working on something inside the house, trying to get stuff done, I don’t need to look like I am super fashionable. A basic T-shirt and a pair of jeans will do just fine. American Apparel makes very high quality basic apparel that is timeless, and is essentially always in fashion.

Here is an example of a T-shirt that I can totally see in my wardrobe – warm color and bright, at the same time muted enough for my personal style.

Here is another example of a shirt I would love to own! Not only the design is cute, it is also blue – my typical favorite color. Just perfect for me! Some shirts that I have look a lot like a this sweatshirt here –

I love this style of clothing – modest and utilitarian at the same time. Do you wear a lot of basics? If you don’t just yet – I recommend getting several outfits at  NYFifth Apparel. Here is their whole apparel collection –

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