Have you ever tried having a photo booth just for yourself? I know those are available at malls, but sometimes you can set it up all on your own at your home, inexpensively, and have a lot of fun with it!

My husband’s job set up a picnic this summer, and we loved it with our kids! There were jumping castles, buses with ice-cream and gymnastics equipment, endless food, and a photo booth! This was a company sponsored party, and not something we would generally be able to afford just for ourselves – ever! The photo booth was a hoot for my kids. I cannot tell you how many times they went to get pictures done – a lot! They would wait in a lineup, then go get pictures – and those are done pretty quickly, and then get them printed.

We have also had experience with photo booths where all of the various accessories would be provided at parties, and then you could stand and have your pictures done making silly faces.

Now we don’t have to pay millions for a private photo booth, and we can accessorize, or just be plain old ourselves, and get a cute picture made – any time! Our iPad has a new app of a touchscreen photo booth by Evite. I love various Evite options for helping out with party planning, and I have already written a few posts of me using their Evite invitations for easy party prep.

I know this is going to be so much fun for parties we have, as we know our kids love the fun element, and now this is accessible for anyone, and is very inexpensive!

The app comes with a pre-set number of designs, borders, and even filters! You can pick from a number of booth skins depending on the type of party you are hosting! You can also pick from different photo layouts, set up a custom border, photo caption, choose the time between the shots, and see a photo preview.

Evite Photo Booth app is great for taking photos as it shows you a visual countdown, lets you quickly customize the photo with filters or other preferences, and you can keep using the app over and over again – until your iPad is out of battery basically! This app is so affordable, and easy to use! You don’t need to hire a whole photo booth now for taking photos! You have it available to you on your own iPad, and you can be your own photographer!

In order to take the full advantage of the app, you will probably need a few photo booth props. You can either buy them, print them out, or make your own, depending on your budget, and time you have.

I have done the research for you to help you out – here are a few trending photo booth printable props I have found. Most of them are free and very inspirational – enjoy!

Photo booth props

  1. Lots of options of printable photo booth props under $10 at Paperandcake.com
  2. Here are some free 4th of July photo booth printables – this is a new post from this year – very cute, well made props – 4th of July Photo Booth Props – FREE Printables via 4th of July Photo Booth Props – FREE Printables
  3. Nice Graduation photo booth printables are right here – this is for the past class 2016, but it is easy to change the year for the next one – Class of 2016 Party Props via Graduation Photo Booth Printables: Class of 2016 Party Props
  4. Halloween is coming up pretty soon, and there are lots of Halloween related photo booth props available online, but this one is my favorite – and it is free! Free Printable Halloween Photo Booth Props via Free Printable Halloween Photo Booth Props – HelloLuvvy
  5. My computer is playing tricks on me today, so I am not sure if you can actually download anything from this next particular site, but they are listing 24 Fantastic Free Printable Photo Booths for your Parties. via 24 Fantastic Free Printable Photo Booths for your Parties so you can definitely get lots of ideas from there, and could even make your own set of photo booth props if you like! Anyhow, your own party is going to be special, and one of a kind, right? Never be afraid of using your own imagination and create your own photo booth prop set!

We have been playing around with our family, checking out the app, and taking pictures, here are some that we have taken

baby playing with a photo booth app by Evite

baby playing with a photo booth app by Evite

Once the pictures were taken, I was able to quickly email them to myself, and then got to post them here, on the blog, and saved them in my photo stream. So simple!

What I loved about the app the most is the versatility that you get by being able to get your pictures taken in a variety of settings, other than just being stuck in one small booth. We always have trouble fitting altogether in a small booth, when we try to take pictures with the whole family, whereas with this Evite app on our iPad it is so much easier to fit altogether in one picture without being squished into the wall of the booth.  Our baby loved the different fun frame skins – she was smiling without me prompting her to smile – makes our baby photography simplified!

Here is how easy it is to use this Evite Photo Booth App:

Photo Booth Instructions

This is a sponsored post as part of Evite influencer program. Sample of the app was provided free of charge for testing and a review.

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