Our updates for the day – went apple picking to a new nearby farm, and got 33 lbs of apples! Our baby was the star of the show today, as she always is, and we are so happy we have her!

Most of our weekends are like that – we try to enrich our kids with as many activities and fun things to do as we can! We do both seasonal activities as a family, as well as travelling, doing sightseeing, and doing fun things together outdoors.

Our kids are really the lucky stars in our sky. We, as parents, spend most of our time entertaining the kids, going around doing their activities with them, having fun. I can’t even imagine or process my life without kids, and I almost forgot what it was like before having them.

We have three kids right now, and those kids are our happiness. They fill our life with joy, and sometimes sadness, certainly enriching our life with lots of emotions! Not everyone has this kind of luck of having kids. Some people struggle with having children, and we went through a period like that as well. We still want more kids, and will still be trying for one more, while we still can.

There was a moment in our lives when we were wondering whether we could still have children. Some people struggle with infertility from the very beginning, while others can sometimes develop some sort of secondary infertility if their hormones change due to medications, treatments, or illnesses. After having a stillborn, and struggling with pregnancies, we had to go through an evaluation at a specialized fertility clinic. We had to have several genetic evaluations and appointments done before we found the reason for our inability to have another child, and we were able to fix the issues that we had, and went on to have our third rainbow baby. Rainbow babies are those babies who are born to parents after they have had a stillborn.

Everyone’s walk of life is different. Some people struggle with having kids, and it is important to get diagnosed, modify something, get treatments, and go through all of the options available.

I think for me now one of the important issues is going to be the timing. When I was younger, I have never worried about the timing of things, trying to have a child in the most natural way. Now I have to decide soon about having a baby, and have a more or less calculated and planned timing for my new pregnancy. So I got the Stork OTC that can be purchased at CVS to help me with the timing and efficiency.

Right now I am not under the care of fertility specialists, and I don’t need to be yet, as far as I know. However, I don’t really have the luxury of waiting for having a baby forever, as I am getting older. Even though we don’t need any specialized medical care, it is great to have a home conception aid that is simple to use, and will give me more confidence.

This is a link to CVS pharmacy where this Stork OTC device is available – http://www.cvs.com/shop/sexual-health/pregnancy-fertility/pregnancy-fertility-tests/the-stork-otc-prodid-971320?skuId=971320

Stork OTC

You may have a lot of questions about this product, and you will be able to find more information, as well as have fun with me at a Twitter party I will be attending soon on September 28 at 8pm EST and participate in it using hashtag #whyStorkOTC.

Stork OTC Twitter party

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