Some of the projects that I end up doing never actually come to fruition. On the one hand, I need more accountability, and having a blog certainly helps. I try to sometimes post what I am crafting, and hope that I will actually finish the project since I have told everyone about it!

Another issue with my crafting is that sometimes I am just not artistic enough. I have great aspirations, but end up getting stuck part way through the project, and just can’t deal with the issue that I end up facing, so I don’t finish the project.

I also often have trouble coming up with my own original ideas, and am not that advanced in scrapbooking, though I love the idea of it.

This weekend I got my hands on some washi tape from United Tapes, and I ended up going to a dollar store today to grab a few extra supplies, and made a video with my ideas on what I can use washi tape for.

My kids often have various gift exchanges where they need to bring in gifts and/or cards for everyone in the class, and sometimes this becomes a bit of a drag because our kids are not able to make a lot of fancier looking gifts, we are usually on a budget, but still want to get something for the friends that they would want to keep and use.

I think a brilliant idea is to get a few rolls of washi tape, and some supplies from a dollar store that are inexpensive, and at the same time can save you some time, but will give the recipient of the gift a lot of joy.

I like to meet half-way, and use a pre-made card, and then embellish it a bit with some washi tape!

I think washi tape is similar to ribbons that are often attached to cards, except it is sticky, so it is easy to apply, and you can fix any mistakes as well, if you have them.

My family has practiced making some gift tags, cards, and bookmarks with cheap craft supplies, and some washi tape.

I have made a video making cards, and showing off some other cool items – here it is:

Let me know in the comments if you have ever used washi tape, and what you have made with it.

Sample was provided free of charge for testing and a review.

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