We are entering the holiday season with our family – most of our birthdays fall into this time of the year, and I know we will be celebrating a lot this season. My kids love to invite their friends, but they are quickly growin out of the age when they would want to collect a lot of gifts, and we as grown-ups don’t always want to encourage consumerism for them.

There is a way to make a party fun for everyone without having your hosts bring lavish gifts. Evite has created Evite donations which lets you set up a party online, and at the same time donate to a charity of your choice, and have your friends donate as well.

This year Evite Donations is celebrating the one year birthday having collected over 1 million in donations for non-profits across the US.

Here is how it works exactly

I love how easy it is to create an invitation in Evite for any occasion. The designs are always lovely, and you can pick from free or premium options. You can’t miss the donation button, and can choose the charity of your choice, and your friends will be able to donate right when they receive the invitation to a party or your function. Here is an invitation I started to put together for our upcoming party – I love the design!

eviteinvite eviteinvite-copy

This is the second year this program has been going on for, and this year Evite is hoping to raise another million dollars for charities through the holiday season. I hope that you can create your next invitation to a party using the Evite system, and use their donation functionality to help others during this holiday season. Here is more about Evite Donation Milestone.

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