Today I have some more time to work on my posts – sometimes I find I get quite overworked putting these together, and simply have no time to comment, write my two cents what I think. I hope this does not deter you from reading and checking out the articles I find – there is so much going on every day in the beauty industry I want to share – hope you take note, try out the tips and trends – let me know in your comments what you think!

health fitness beauty 20 Amla juice benefits for health, skincare & fitness

I have never heard of Amla juice, have you?

Turmeric: Ingredient to Add Into Your DIY SkinCare. Beauty Makeup via POPSUGARBeauty

I use turmeric in cooking mostly, sometimes I have heard it is good in health homemade recipes, but I have never used it for beauty treatments, have you?

Recent skincare empties bblogger asianbeauty

What do you do with your empty containers? I recycle them, and then am often wondering later what product it was I was using – I easily forget them, what about you?

Dazzle with our DIY Glitter lip guide, read on: beautytrend makeup beauty

Glitter lips? Sign me up!

Raw fruit and veggie diet healed British woman’s severe skincare condition

Interesting, I love raw food, but this is surprising!

NUEVO POST: The Ride or Die Makeup Tag makeup beauty cosmetics

Lots of products listed here, I am already overwhelmed!

Get personalised makeup from CrowdColour ! bbloggers beauty lbloggers makeupaddict

Can you believe in personalized makeup – OMG, right?

Makeup Expiration Dates: When to Replace Your Products: mua makeup beauty

I will probably have to throw everything out – I tend to have a lot of open canisters of things.

Want healthier skin this winter? BeautyTips Skincare |

I need help – my skin dries out a lot in the winter!

Dcouvrez les 10 lipsticks incontournables de la saison makeup beauty shopping

Do you speak French? This article is in French, but so worth translating!

Beauty bargains from Primark BBlogRT TheBlogger_Hub bbloggers beauty primark

I have never used this brand, have you?

September 2016 Beauty Favorites paintedladies09 makeup beautyreview

This is what I love, hold my hand through the product selection process!

How to apply foundation? BeautyTips Cosmetics SkinCare Aussie

This should be easy, but if you are still confused – read up!

It’s official: contouring is OVER. beauty


How to Fix Dry Skin beautytips beauty skincare

Yes, this is what I am talking about – what I need to know!

beauty makeup Makeup Story With Zoeva Blush, Palette Makeup, Too Faced Cosmetics Eyeshad

Cool collection here!

Thanks for helping keep my skin glowy, clear, and youthful – beauty beautytips health

What a beautiful picture!

Get 15 hours of wear with these must have primers! beauty makeup

Primers, I need one, do you?

Pin and Tucker $100 Giveaway: fbloggers bbloggers

Alert: giveaway!

Super Hot Makeup For Dark Skingirlishh darkskin makeup beauty style

She looks beautiful!

I just LOVE this mani for unitedinpink | | cansa sablogger bbloggers nails

I have a similar color – love it!

beauty makeup Makeup Wishlist With Too Faced Cosmetics Cheek Bronzer, Long Wearing Lipst

Me, I like, me please!

Check the ingredients in yr skincare rt healthy skin natural organic skinflammation

Ditto! Thank God they are still listing ingredients for beauty products!

My Current Favourite Face Mask BBlogRT bbloggers

Love the texture!

Mrs. Russia International-2016″ Told About Her Armenian RootsRussia Armenia

There you go! That’s what I am talking about!

Soft pink on the lips is such a beauty winner try shoppershour lipstick makeup

Meh for me, do you like it? I guess it is a natural color – I am sure it will look nice on me, but I don’t know.

The bad beauty habits I am trying to kick in 2016 UKBloggers1 bbloggers thegirlgang

What are yours?

NUEVO VDEO!maquillaje delineado azul makeup beauty tutorial

This makeup looks doable – not too difficult I think.

Delving into my Sample Stash 5 BenefitUK EsteeLauderUK thisworks PIXIBeauty bbloggers

Cool haul!

Go go gloss! MACcosmetics EArdenSA JPhanekom bossmodelsjhb beauty bbloggers

Simple and elegant, how about it?

beauty makeup Cosmetics Collection Featuring Too Faced Cosmetics Blush, Nars Cosmetics,

Nice colors here

My Top 5 Lip Shades for Autumn GRLPOWRCHAT thebloggershub bbloggers

What about you? what are your top picks?

We take a look at some seriously scary Halloween makeup cosmetics

Looks like a lot of work here but a cool sight, definitely

Which of these masks did I hate? bbloggers skincare

Read to find out!

Check out my friend YaszmiE on my latest blog post!Vichy Skincare Beauty bblogger

New Post: Halloween with the Mad Hatter {img} bbloggers lbloggers

OMG – love it!

Top 10 Tips to Prevent a Nail Infection healthtips beautysecrets skincare


Tiffs Tips & Tricks Fall Flair: Beauty Transition From BeautyTips Beauty Belleza

I need those tips big time!

Why I love designer make-up: bbloggers beauty

I wish I could afford it

How to Choose the Right Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone beauty makeup

How do you choose the right one?

Throwback Thursday! Makeup and Head wrap by Dobzi Fingers makeupartist beauty

Have you seen my Beauty Space? bbloggers beauty JurliqueUK AureliaSkincare

Looks neat!

Why Should You Start Using Anti-Aging In 20s? AntiAging SkinCare SkinCareTips

I doubt it’s a good idea to use anti-aging products early in life…

Voil par quoi devrait commencer tout maquillage dhalloween makeup

Ohhh, that’s a scary photo!

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