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Today is Saturday, and we have lots of plans for the day! Every Saturday we have morning activities we go to, and then we often go out for lunch, and run errands sometimes. Last week was such a treat because we went out to one of the best restaurants we have in our area – to Boston’s!

We have been to Boston’s for the first time back in Canada – it is called Boston’s pizza there, and we had quite a lot of lunches on the road from Boston’s Pizza before. Their pizzas and salads are such a great lunch – always the freshest produce used, and the pizza has a lot of character, and great flavors!

I loved back in Canada watching Jim Treliving on TV in Canadian Dragon’s Den (version of Shark Tank) show – you can learn so much about a business watching the pride the executives of the business take in their commercial enterprise – it was amazing to see how scrupulous Jim was in many shows looking for only the best products to invest in that he could actually use in his restaurants, or businesses – it is not that often that we get to know how businesses are run behind the closed doors, and this particular business is an amazing company.

Now we have Boston’s right in our own neighborhood – almost a walking distance away, but we don’t go there as much as we would have liked. Most of the time we cook a lot at home, or end up eating out when we are tired and running errands somewhere, just going to the closest eatery. That makes those special days when we do eat out at places of our choice that much more special. I was so happy to eat at Boston’s last week, I want to share everything we ate!

We went out with our whole family. Our baby had a kids’ pizza. Our middle daughter had mac and cheese (her favorite, that’s pretty much all she ever orders and eats). Daddy got wings, and those wings were amazing! So many of them in the plate, I was happy that’s all he got! We often order appetizers when we go out, but I was glad we didn’t order any this time, as it was most certainly plenty of food to eat – and lick the fingers!

Boston's wings

My oldest daughter and I ordered their new item on the menu – their ribs! Those ribs were to die for, I have to say! They carry three types of sauces that go with these ribs, and at first we were not sure what sauces to order. Our server was excellent, and explained exactly what each sauce is like – we both ordered the same sauce – very rich and flavorful – to come with our ribs, and it was such a treat!

Boston's ribs

Boston's ribs

The ribs were juicy, and so delicious! We like to eat ribs at home, and often make them ourselves – these ones were much better than many that we have ever made. There were so many ribs served for us, we couldn’t finish them – I had half of mine, and so did my daughter – and we continued eating the ribs at home the next day – they were still so delicious!

The sauce that we have both tried was Boston’s Octoberfest sauce with subtle, smoky mustard flavor. I would love to go back to Boston’s in the near future, and thy the other two varieties of the sauces – Boston Lager sauce, and Fiery Apple sauce. What a great selection of these new and perfect for fall flavors!

Boston's ribs

I am so impressed with the restaurant, and their great new menu – it has so many options for any diet, and desire! The new ribs are especially great to see on the menu – their are beautifully cooked, and the sauce is super flavorful! Wonderful idea to add these choices to the menu – makes for an easy choice now when deciding on a restaurant to go out – I am always up for a plateful of ribs!

daughter wearing Boston's bib

I love how the ribs are served, the company knows when you are eating those ribs, you are going to get your hands sticky, and supplied special cute bibs so you don’t get your clothing all messy – such a cute gesture!

Our kids also shared a dessert for dinner – a cookie with ice-cream. The cookie is made on site as we learned, and is probably one of the most delicious cookies, if not the most delicious I have ever had! I have tried a small bite from their plate, I could not resist!

cookie with ice-cream from Boston's

I have to also mention the service – it was so laid-back and efficient. I haven’t seen such service in restaurants of this type – it is a family style restaurant, you don’t expect to have perfect service. I am so used to seeing the staff overworked, and running around, whereas here the server was very attentive, and relaxed, which adds to the overall relaxing experience of eating out.

This particular restaurant often participates in a lot of locally run charitable functions – they donate a percentage of the total check amount to the school our kids go to – I have to applaud them for that, very few businesses in the area do that.

The meal was provided compliments of Boston’s.


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