Our Halloween costumes are always a big event for us – my husband likes me to make one-of-a-kind costumes for kids that we can keep forever and ever, and play dress-up with, and just cherish as something homemade, made from the heart. Most of the time, that is what I did for my older kids, now tweens, this year I did something different for our baby.

While we still have all of the Halloween costumes from her older sisters, and I could have made something new as well, we decided to go a different route, and we are already enjoying this new idea, even though Halloween hasn’t even started yet!

We got a new costume for our baby girl, and that is a costume of Peppa the Pig this year. She loves this cartoon so much, she watches it every day, and we are all, as our whole family, love the stories and messages of this cartoon, and decided being Peppa the Pig would be a great idea for a costume.

At first, I thought about getting a lot of felted fabric, and making my own costume. It is fun to put your talents to work, and it is now a tradition in our family to make these costumes homemade. But when there is a perfectly fine, pre-made, inexpensive costume, why go the more complex route for no good reason? We went with getting Peppa the Pig costume online, and it couldn’t have been an easier transaction and purchase.

I ordered the costume so quickly, and was able to not have to spend a fortune on fabric, and a week of my labor, and I didn’t need to make anything this year – yey!

Here are some shots we took with our baby wearing her new outfit! This Halloween we have a lot of activities lined up for her to go to – this is probably the first year she will actually realize what sort of holiday this is – we are looking forward to it!

daughter wearing Peppa the Pig costume

daughter wearing Peppa the Pig costume

daughter wearing Peppa the Pig costume

I love the quality of the costume, and how cute it is on my daughter! The costume of Peppa the Pig is not itchy in any way, and the head is not annoying, which is amazing as I was worried about that part, whether my daughter would be able to handle actually wearing the costume for a long time.

Halloween is coming up fast, if you are looking for a costume, I recommend checking out HalloweenCostumes.com – this is where I got this costume!

Halloween costumes

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