Phew – today went by in a flash!

We had a full day of people in the house. Two days ago our fridge broke down, so we had to get that diagnosed today – turns out we need a new fridge – will report on it shortly. Then we had someone come in to watch our baby while I went on a cleaning spree – watch out, my house might actually get cleaner by Thanksgiving! Then we did a coloring activity with the kids – this was so much fun – I didn’t think it would be necessarily – but the sisters did not bicker, just really enjoyed each other’s company – this is really all a mother needs after a long day – watching her kids busy with a fun coloring experimentation!

Let your kids create with chalk markers

Here is what we did – we actually did two activities today with our new U.S.Bilby chalk markers. These are the new amazing markers that work so well – it is actually a pretty new product for me – have you ever heard about liquid chalk markers before? The beauty of these is that you can use them on so many surfaces – and they work so well on any and all possible places. Anyone knows how cool markers are, but they don’t work very well on plastic, and they look a bit funny, and most of the time the ones that do work are hard to remove afterwards.

Well, U.S.Bilby chalk markers are great because they produce such a stunning effect when you use them for coloring – they do look like real chalk! They are easily washable, so if you end up having your kids coloring on your table instead of the coloring pad – no worries, this all goes away in a flash with a simple wipe-off.


Coloring with U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers

U.S.Bilby chalk markers

Today we experimented with the kids on two different surfaces. We tried the markers on little plastic coloring shapes I got for them at a craft store – very inexpensive. They had a lot of fun, the two sisters, just enjoying chatting with each other, and having fun. I made a video of them trying out the markers – check it out!

So, what did I like about these markers? They can be used for a multitude of surfaces, they are so bright and produce such stunning pictures! You can use them for any design you like, and get your kids to experiment with their own designs as well. Because the markers are so bright, they are good to use for signs or some cool motivational words, and that’s what we did for the second activity with the markers.

Get the kids excited to create with chalk markers

For the second activity, we used some special black paper we had, and created some cool writing, added some glitter for fun, and just enjoyed the effect of what a marker can do on black paper! We will be practicing some fonts with the kids, and what a great way to practice if you have a blackboard where you write down what’s for dinner, or make some little notes to yourself – these chalk markers immediately add so much character to the writing! I can see these chalk markers used for bistro markers, or for blackboard chalk even as they are so easy to wipe off.

What stands out for me with this particular brand is that the caps are easy to put on, and they stay on these markers, so you are not running into the issue of having your liquid chalk markers drying out on you – so thankful for this as now I know we will be using them for many more coloring opportunities.

Are you in the market for finding some activities for your kids? If you are wondering where to buy liquid chalk markers that are the best chalk markers in the market now (and I know as I have tried different brands before) – check out U.S. Bilby brand for chalk markers.

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U.S.Bilby website –



There actually is a special deal coming up next week for these markers – this deal will not last for a long time, so be sure to take advantage of it! The deal will be on Nov 27, between 5-50 pm and 9-50 pm PST when the price for the markers will be reduced by 41% ($18.55 to $10.95). This will be perfect time to get these for your gifts!

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