Whistlefrits Ultimate Spanish Collection

As my baby is starting to learn English now, I am starting to also think about teaching her the basics of some other languages, and one of the biggest issues for me is finding a good course that will help her get immersed in another foreign language, and help her develop that skill.

I have decided to look into the new collection of Spanish language CDs and DVDs called Whistlefritz. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I know the best way to try a program is to try it on yourself. So far, I have watched a bit of the videos, and I love it!

The videos are all done in simple Spanish, without almost any spoken English. There are a few words here and there that appear in the video in a written form. Other than that, it is all native Spanish language. And you know what? I can’t speak a word of Spanish (aside from hola, and muchas gracias, and all the food terminology, but honestly nada otherwise), but I understand almost 95% of the whole video segment I have watched! It is so easy to follow along, and simply pick up the words and expressions! Even without any language knowledge, you can figure out what is going on based on the context, as the videos are so visual, and fun.

Whistlefrits Ultimate Spanish Collection

Whistlefrits Ultimate Spanish Collection

I love the fun aspect of the video programs in Whistlefritz. It is a story of a mouse, and this mouse plays tricks, and is just so funny. The group of people, the main teacher in the program, and the kids are all super nice, fun to watch, are always happy and making jokes – this is a very good, and positive experience to try to grasp what is happening, without the stress.

My daughter started watching the videos as well, and she loves it! She can’t quite keep her eyes off the screen, in fact, when she is watching the show on a DVD. The songs on the CDs are also very catchy, and fun to follow. My toddler just wants to dance along with the music, and loves how fun and exciting it is to be learning Spanish. I am not sure yet how much more we will need to go over the same material with her, for her to remember it all, but I think that she will be getting a great foundation for Spanish learning, and every next studying in her life will go much easier for her since she will have grasped the basics already subconsciously through these playful exercises. I think this way to learn is much more fun than the way we learned languages in the past, and I hope you can get inspired to try this program as well – this is a great way to learn Spanish for little kids, and to have fun at the same time! Why not show something to kids that they can learn from, rather than just non-interactive TV shows.

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