How was your day today? We have celebrated Thanksgiving with a family dinner, and now everyone is getting ready for bed here. I am planning out our next few days and will show you shortly some nice activities that we have planned for the kids – we have tomorrow and the whole weekend for fun, and are going to be doing crafts and projects using our new supplies – U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers are going to be extensively used here – they are our favorite art project coloring supplies!

I will be updating with what we create, and for now just wanted to showcase what we did with the kids last week with U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers – have you seen my post?

Let your kids create with chalk markers

Last week my kids got to decorate some sun catchers, and it was lovely to see how easy it was for them to color the pictures with these liquid chalk markers by U.S.Bilby. This is my post on Box Roundup blog with the details on what we have created with liquid chalk markers. I loved the fact that these markers are so easy to use, and clean up after. They are very versatile tools that can allow your kids or yourself create artistic masterpieces, and not to worry about the mess. It is easy to draw and color on paper, glass or even plastic with these liquid chalk markers.

Here is some more information about U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers, and what is included in each pack:

  • 10 ERASABLE CHALK PAINT MARKERS: No more dusty erasers to clap together, creating clouds of dust that you know you probably shouldn’t be breathing in. Tip: Use tweezers to swap over the tips from bullet and chisel.
  • BRIGHT CREATIVE VERSATILE NEON COLOR MARKERS: These eye catching chalk markers attract the gaze of potential customers. Your Bistro, Cafe, Pub, Menus, Night Club signage will look amazing.
  • 5 BONUS REVERSIBLE TIPS: Get an extra SET OF 5 REVERSIBLE, 4.5mm CHISEL BULLET tips and EXTEND YOUR MARKERS’ LIFE easily by simply replacing any dried out nibs. These markers allow you to draw both FINE as well as BOLD LINES. The nibs are quality made in Japan.



Coloring with U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers

U.S.Bilby chalk markers

This is a video that we did with the kids practicing coloring with the markers – check it out!

My kids loved creating cool designs on black paper with the markers as well – this was a hoot! Because chalk markers work so well on dark backgrounds, so much better than any other type of a marker, this is an awesome way to try out and decorate some cool posters, or create art with a dark background.

Get the kids excited to create with chalk markers


Are you in the market for finding some activities for your kids? If you are wondering where to buy liquid chalk markers that are the best chalk markers in the market now (and I know as I have tried different brands before) – check out U.S. Bilby brand for chalk markers.

Here are their social accounts – follow them not to miss out their special deals!

U.S.Bilby website –



There is a special deal coming up this week for these markers – on Nov 27, between 5-50 pm and 9-50 pm PST the price for the markers will be reduced by 41% ($18.55 to $10.95). This will be perfect time to get these for your gifts!

U.S.Bilby is sponsoring a giveaway today for a few items to help you and your family create some artistic creations you can be proud of – you can win a set of U.S.Bilby liquid chalk markers (ARV $18.55), a professional watercolor brush set (ARV $48.98) and a $50 Amazon or Paypal Gift Card (winner’s choice).

This giveaway is hosted by Box Roundup blog. The prizes are sponsored by U.S.Bilby and Box Roundup blog. This giveaway is open to US residents. By participating in this giveaway your email address will be shared with the sponsor of this giveaway, U.S.Bilby, in accordance with their privacy policy.  One winner will be picked at the end of the giveaway, and will be requested to provide a US mailing address and phone number to receive the prize. Once the prizes are mailed out, there will be no substitutions, returns or refunds.

an Art Gift Giveaway

This is a sponsored post. Box Roundup has set up the giveaway and will be responsible for mailing the gift card for $50, and U.S.Bilby has sponsored the giveaway, and will be responsible for delivering the markers and the brush set. No other bloggers associated with this giveaway are responsible for the prize fulfillment. If you are interested in setting up a similar giveaway for your product, please contact Box Roundup blog for consideration –

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