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This week has been so busy in our house – we have just been trying to keep up with the websites going all directions, and the kids at home, trying to get as much family time, and be productive as we could. We haven’t really shopped much this past week, except for food mostly.

I did buy some new shoes, and I can’t wait to brag about them! Who else can I share with, but for my readers! Beware – this post contains an unbelievable Cyber Monday deal for shoes!

I am not a great shoe collector – I only have a few old pairs of shoes that I juggle around wearing, usually trying not to look poor. Any extra pair is something I carefully calculate whether I need it or not, and then I always end up wearing those shoes to the bitter end.

When I was younger shoes for me were part of my style. Even though I never had more than 1-3 pairs in my possession at the same time, shoes have always been a part of my character, and an extension of my personality. Now that I have kids, and walk a lot outside with them, do a lot of Mom chores and activities, I rarely wear shoes that are supposed to be just for carpeted floor inside. Most of the time I wear comfortable walking shoes that have to be slip free. My older daughter has feet the same size as mine, and I frequently notice that she borrows my shoes, and wears them like her own. My go-to shoes are comfortable workhorses that can handle anything – boulders, mud, teenagers, sliding cafeteria floors, and running. The biggest and the most important quality for the shoes is how utilitarian they are.

I have found a lot of great shoes from Dawgs brand – and I have bought a few pairs now. The ones I have bought are still en route to me in the mail, but I wanted to share the shoes that I have found on their website that I find are absolutely perfect for my purposes, and that even my daughter will be happy to wear – they are perfect shoes for every day for busy Moms or kids – check these out.

Women Z Sandals Black

Women’s Bendable Ballet Flats – Black Patent

Women’s 3-strap sandals – black

Women’s Mary-Jane pro work shoes

Women’s Premium 3-strap sandals

I love to wear black shoes, and these are perfect for both me, and my daughter. They go with any outfit, are versatile in style, and look so comfortable, and easy to wear every day to school, work, or running errands. Can you believe the prices for these shoes? And you can get them with a discount – Cyber Monday is upon us! This Cyber Monday deal will not disappoint!

One other great feature of these shoes, and you are in luck – they come with a 60% discount just for you for reading the post – enjoy the discount: 60% off sitewide + Free shipping with coupon code: SB60

Update: While I was away at ShiftCon my shoes have safely arrived, and were waiting for me at the door! I couldn’t be any happier! It is so hard for me to now find the time to go to shop at the mall since I have a toddler, and two busy teens, and we are mostly running around with activities for them, and shopping is always not the priority for us, so shopping from the comfort of my home is always the preferred method.

The scary part though for buying shoes online is always the sizing. As these are not the only shoes I planned to buy, I actually got two pairs of size 9, though I wear size 8.5 generally. I figured my daughter who is size 9 could always wear these if they don’t fit me. Of course, returning and exchanging is also always an option, but I really liked the shoes that I ordered, and I figured we would be able to find use for them in any case!

The shoes actually fit perfectly for me, even though they are size 9, but I can definitely wear them just myself. I haven’t tried them on my teen yet because she has been quite busy this week, and frankly I like the shoes too much to share them!

Here are a few pictures, these shoes are so comfortable, and I am going to mostly wear them at home, as I spend most of the time at home, and hope that the fact that they are non-slip will help me stay balanced in my daily routines – my floor often gets slippery at home, and these will be a great help to help me stand on my feet!

Dawgs shoes

I love how well these shoes feel on the feet, and how pretty they are as well! So inexpensive! I don’t buy shoes very often due to the fact that I am very cost-sensitive, but these ones are such a good deal, they are totally worth it! The feel and look like a million bucks despite their modest and utilitarian appearance!

Dawgs shoes

Samples were provided discounted for testing purposes.



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