Ready to start holiday shopping? My holiday season is starting with a gift to me, that I would love to show today – finally, my woes about not enough makeup to use are over!

IT Cosmetics Holiday Palette on QVC

I got an IT Cosmetics Limited Edition Holiday Palette – WOOHOO! I had to fight over it with my 10 year old, who is not allowed to use makeup yet, but wanted me to seal it, and keep it for her for when she is finally allowed. She also tried bribing me, offering m money to buy it outright, but I fought over it, and now getting to keep it all for myself.

While my exercises is using it are yet to come, just want to showcase how cool it is today. The beauty of having a palette is that you get to have a whole big collection of necessary colors, tones, and features, all in one box! Sometimes it is hard to find what works together between all different products available in the market, and it is always advisable to buy products made by the same brand, as they are always complimentary to each other, so here in this one palette you get the whole set in just one cute box!

So, imagine spending all of this money on different products. I have got some makeup brushes to use, and was looking into getting a palette for a while – everyone is talking about palettes these days. Just getting a palette is great, but then you also need your lipsticks, your eye shadows, foundation and skin corrector, and I need lots of eye correctors. This quickly becomes a whole collection that fits into a huge makeup suitcase that makeup artists roll around, but here it comes in a beautiful compact format that can easily fit in my purse – and I am all set for makeup touch-ups on the go!

Not only it is easy to carry around with you, it is also inexpensive – rather than paying for each item separately, here is tremendous value in just one box – all different products that you need, and all you need to have is this box!

This box retails for $55 on QVC – how cool is that? I love QVC! If I had a lot of money and time, I think I would just watch QVC all day, and just press the buy button! Somehow their products are so carefully chosen and well vetted, they are only offering you products that you absolutely need!

So, I think that if I were to buy the products in this palette separately, I would end up having to pay hundreds of dollars for each separate product, and end up with a lot of little boxes that I would need to carry in a huge makeup bag – this way it is all in one box, nice and compact, and costs a fraction of the total price!

This box is a limited edition! It will only be available through the holiday season, while supplies last! If you are looking for a gift for a special lady in your life – your mother, your friend – this will probably be at the very top of my list to get them – I bet you have that friend who is always complaining about not actually venturing about using more makeup, and watching all those contouring videos but never actually trying it out – well, this is what you need to get them going!

IT Cosmetics Holiday Palette on QVC

Here is what IT Cosmetics Limited Edition Most Wanted for Holiday Palette includes:

4 shades of Bye Bye Under Eye Corrector – this corrector can actually also be used for the whole face as a foundation!

3 shades of Bye Bye Pores Pressed Blush (Hello Light Creme, Hello Light Powder, and Bye Bye Pores Pressed). This blush can be used to highlight areas of the face to make them pop! Finishing powder helps to outline the entire face, and help your makeup last the whole day.

18 Anti-Aging Eye Shadows – let the creativity begin!

6 lipsticks – what can be better than festive, modern bright colors!

What a find! Hope you get to try it and enjoy it as well!

Let me know if you have this palette, or if you have any others that you would also recommend, and be sure to give us thumbs up on all the social accounts if you like this product! Check out #QVCBeauty for more gift ideas!

Sample was provided free of charge for a review.

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