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I have a bit of training to be licensed as a real estate agent – I think this is one of the lots of great things that I want to do in my life, and while I don’t work as a full-time real estate agent right now, I understand what is involved in making this profession succeed.

A lot of the times when you are selling a house in the United States, most of the process is very anonymous. You, as an agent, will prepare the house for selling it, install a lockbox on the door, and then disappear. You will be checking the house periodically, and checking back to see who was visiting to see the house, but you don’t always have a way to communicate directly with the people and agents who come to see the house. Of course, if you are pro-active, and have the time, you will set up open houses, and be there on site. But so many times, especially if you are not able to be there, or if you are having a lot of traffic to see the house during the non-open house hours, you may be wondering what people think about the house, and what questions or issues they might have.

Of course, when you are getting a lot of offers right away, this might not be relevant, but if the house has been listed for a while, people come and go, you might want to find out what your visitors and their agents think about he house, and if there are any issues of questions you may need to help resolve in order to make your house be more attractive.

This is where this Feedback Pro software comes into play. This is very specialized software that can help out any agent who would like to be able to survey their visitors, and have a better idea about who is coming to see the listings. In this software, as an agent, you can input your lockbox information, and the software works with all of the major lockbox company providers like Supra, Sentrilock, Risco, and so you can integrate your existing lockboxes, and have a good idea who is visiting the house. Then you can send them your surveys and questionnaires to find out what they think about the house, and how you can improve your offer, negotiate a better offer with your clients, and turn your leads into buyers.

The proprietary software by Feedback Pro – Pro Agent Solutions allows you to input your contacts, listings, either manually or through importing, and then manage your showing information for a better follow-up. A lot of professional real estate companies may already have versions of similar software available to them through their companies, but this software has a lot of unique features, and allows to streamline the process of agent contacts, and improves your conversion rates as the communication is so much easier through the automation options in this software. This is a much needed tool for smaller companies as well, as it allows to have every aspect of real estate agency run much easier and faster.

I have been able to try out the software through their 30 day free trial, and according to this trial you do not need to provide your credit card information to use the software – such a great option if you are not sure whether you like it at first. Try it out, and let me know in comments what you think if you are a real estate pro, and are looking for simplification solutions to run your business smoother.

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