Merry Christmas

Today is a fun day! We have slept in, and then spent the morning opening presents, eating favorite cinnamon buns, and playing together with all of the new kids toys, how fun is that!

This has been a long year, and mostly full of fun projects, and events. We have had a lot of fun on the blog with new reviews, testing new products, and compiling top trending posts on all kinds of topics – so much going on in the world to share! I hope you have enjoyed it.

We will continue bringing joy and fun in the New Year, and are looking forward to these next 10 days of the Christmas break! We will be going round the town, and posting more about our adventures on the blog, I hope.

Today I wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas, and hope that you all had nice time with your families enjoying the holiday spirit, and being together. If you are celebrating just by yourself, and not having a fun day today, or facing hardships this year, know that for every year of trouble there will be a dozen that are happy. If you can – enjoy the moment today, and if you cannot – have hope for tomorrow. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and let your family embrace you in the holiday spirit!

Here is a poem that my eldest daughter wrote yesterday,

The smell of the cookies were delicious,

The sight of the presents were bright, and playful,

The ornaments glistening on the tree,

Santa going up the chimney,

holly hanging on the door,

Christmas has never been so beautiful before.

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