My new favorite site is – officially! I love how easy it is to find everything that you need in one place – you will need to check it out!

Here is how I recommend using it if you are new to crafting – start with a pattern! has a collection of those for any need you might imagine in crafting!

Have you ever tried decorating your home, and wouldn’t know where to start? I know I am in that club! Why not check out with their selection if you are lost? I love their options and ideas available – all the most contemporary styles and fabrics for your needs to decorate your home!

I love our favorite online retailers, but some of them do not offer free shipping so I end up having to go to a store to get my deals. Not with – they have a free shipping deal – definitely my kind of company!

So, you have picked out a pattern, now what? Wait on it to arrive, then check what you need – get it online, and get crafting! What are you waiting for?

Now what do you do when you don’t sew? Learn how to! Get inspired by amazing patterns and fabrics available, and create something that you have always wanted to make – it is easier than you think, and you can learn as you go! If you are lacking patience – get yourself accountable and organized – you can do it if you have a good plan going! That’s is what I do! Patterns help me to stay put and get on with the idea, other than sit and design and never actually make it through. Patterns are always well thought out, and have materials that are easy to find – they are all standardized, and you will be sure to create something useful and gorgeous!

We are just out of the season of gifts! Now is the time to start making those gifts for the next year! Get going to this website to get started!

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