I am such a brand loyalist for wipes and diapers for my baby it’s not even funny. Then I get tempted by more affordable brands to try them and see how they go. A lot of the times I get burned over my temptations – the diapers cause rashes, and are more trouble for us than they are worth.

For the starters, I have very sensitive skin. So do my children, I think, and we have found that our children really cannot handle too much of a different brand diapers than what we normally use. I can’t quite explain what it is, but inevitably on the second diaper there is always a rash.

With wipes of non-brand names, they are usually just not super pleasant to touch – I can’t quite pinpoint what is wrong with them.

This week we got to try a new brand for our baby called Well Beginnings. They make both diapers and wipes for babies and toddlers. I am still in the process of toilet training our toddler (we are slow a bit), so we are still using diapers, and I was happy to try out this new for me brand, and give it a shot. With our history I was sure it will simply not work out, but both the diapers and the wipes are actually excellent!

The diapers that we have got have a cute zebra on the front, and are super comfortable for our baby! She was happy to wear them, and did not complain one bit! I think that these diapers may be able to help her a bit more in toilet-training as she might feel a little different wearing them than her regular brand, and will be more likely to want to go potty! At least there is hope! Also hoping to see that my baby is able to sleep through the night wearing these diapers! These diapers come with a 12 hour leak protection guarantee, perfect for nighttime wear!

The wipes are so great as well – I am not using too many of them as they wipe very well, and I hope they will last for a while! They are such a must have in my house!

Here are some shots of our baby running around her activity gym wearing her new diapers!

Well Beginnings diapers

Well Beginnings diapers

Well Beginnings diapers

I will need to go and get some new diapers soon – I am almost out of these now, and I am going to head to Walgreens to get them – http://bit.ly/2eYylN4 – these diapers are definitely a more cost-effective solution for my family, and as they fell, look, and work so well – I may be getting a few packs! Can you believe it – one pack is priced in stores at $6.99 per pack!

Samples were provided free of charge for testing and a review.

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