This past holiday we spent mostly just at home with each other, enjoying our company, and mostly relaxing. We played board games, and did a lot of activities with kids, among them was a new game for us that I got for a review, and the game was called “3 Little Pigs”. The game is new to me and my family, and it is a great way to introduce the story of 3 Little Pigs to my toddler!


We love the game, how easy it is to understand, and even for a toddler to play it! The game has a simple way of playing, and it is great to start the game by reading the story about 3 Little pigs. It is such a great old-fashioned fairy tale, with a powerful message – it is important to put effort into what you do for safety reasons, first and foremost. I love to read stories to kids, and then have a themed activity for them as well!

So, playing this particular game is just like having a special activity after reading a book for my kids – such an easy and fun entertainment! And, as they play, and don’t even notice it, they are learning the classics that they should know, and this is a great book and game for pre-schoolers.

Help the three little pigs on their adventures as they build their houses and hope to avoid the huffing and puffing, Big Bad Wolf, just like in the well-known fairytale. The 3 Little Pigs game combines skill and a dash of luck. Kids will love the soft and squeezable Big, Bad Wolf that actually huffs and puffs the pig’s houses down!
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