As today is coming to a close, I am reflecting on what we did – and this is the end of our family winter break today. The whole week we stayed lazy at home, but today we have decided to eat out for lunch, and enjoyed some subs at a local SUBWAY (r) Restaurants.

My New Year’s resolutions include losing weight (I bet I am not alone in my quest!). I am also going to try to eat healthier, and improve my diet adding more veggies and vitamins.

SUBWAY is one of my most favorite places to eat out at for lunch. This has been a favorite American restaurant since I came to America, and that has been 10+ years and counting!

We have a great local place nearby, and while there are lots of other fast food eateries right next to it, I personally prefer SUBWAY, for many reasons. For one, it is a familiar taste and delicious flavor – I think this is because I always order the same bun and sauces, the sub always has that recognizable flavor that I crave. I tend to love eating at a SUBWAY because I definitely don’t feel guilty eating there!

Yes, there is a bun, but you can always go for a no-bun salad option, and the fact that the bun can be toasted, and loaded with a lot of veggies that are full of those vitamins is just so important!

One time, while eating at a SUBWAY for lunch, one of my friends noted that she could always make a sub at home herself. That was maybe true for her, but I rarely have all of the ingredients that go in a sub at one and the same moment at my home! I may have an odd cucumber, and on a different day some spinach, but I am rarely able to construct such a big sub myself, full of flavors and variety that a typical SUBWAY can offer.

Subway sandwich

And what a deal it is – my sub was on a special today, and ended up costing less than $4!!! Last time I spent $4 on a nutritious lunch was ….. I don’t know, I don’t think ever, and I did not even need to use any coupon – this was just a deal they were running in their Subway today!

I find that eating veggies for us at home is sometimes a challenge. The kids are very picky, and we often skip those veggies, even though we know that we need them, but we end up not getting the vitamins if nobody is eating their food properly.

I was glad to be getting my veggies today in my favorite sub from SUBWAY!

Subway sandwich

How often do you eat at SUBWAY? Did you know that SUBWAY has teamed up with the American Heart Association to launch a new campaign called +color which is an ongoing initiative to encourage Americans to add more fruits and vegetables to their diets and better understand the critical health benefits this change can mean.

One of the reasons that I love to eat my veggies is because the way the food looks is so important. When I see all of the colors in a SUBWAY sandwich, I get so excited! Did you know that just by adding an extra cup of color in the form of your veggies to your diet every day helps to improve your health?

Subway sandwich

eating a Subway sandwich

Today I had a plain veggie sandwich, and sometimes I order SUBWAY’s steak and cheese sandwich which is divine toasted, and I always load my sandwiches with all of the veggies that there are. It is so easy to handcraft your sandwich at a SUBWAY as you see all of the options, and the colors of the veggies are always so attractive for me. When you load the sandwich up with veggies at SUBWAY, you get at least two extra servings of vegetables added to your diet. Just from one meal, you get over 40% of the American Heart Association’s daily recommendation.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite SUBWAY sandwich or salad combination is!

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