Are you all frozen up this winter? Time for a colorful break thought I after looking outside. Good thing, I got a new device to test out this week, and what better to make than some sangria?


I tried out my new squissors today using them on oranges! The instructions for this device suggest using squissors on lemons, limes, and small oranges, but I had regular sized oranges, and tested the device none the less – and it worked marvelously! I loved the process of making orange juice and adding some bitterness of the zest to the juice as well – this adds a lot of character to sangria, and makes a more complex flavor for the drink!


Here are the results of my today’s experiments – check out the pictures, the video, and the recipe below, and I hope that you can get a chance to try out making sangria or even a simple glass of morning orange juice, lime juice, or lemon juice using this amazing device – new Squissors with a built-in blade that will allow to not only squeeze the juice out of the citrus fruit, but also cut the fruit in half for you which allows you to save time on pre-slicing the fruit, and avoid having to use a cutting board altogether! Here is where to get this device – check out these Squissors, you will be amazed how easy this device is to use!



Sangria recipe

Today’s Big Project – Making Sangria Using My New Squissors For an Afternoon Siesta!

Make this sangria in the winter – one of the best ways to feel cosy, and imagine the warm summer days

  • 1 bottle of wine
  • ⅛ cups of fine sugar
  • 1.5 sliced limes (key limes)
  • 1 sliced meyer lemon
  • ½ cups of orange juice
  • ½ cups of brandy
  • 1 sliced orange
  • 1 sliced apple
  • 1 cup of club soda

  1. Combine all of the ingredients. Chill sangria, and add club soda at the end.

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