This weekend was so busy for us, and today is the end of Thursday, and I am still in the relaxing mode – trying to unwind after the weekend, even though it was also relaxing, but I always need a vacation from a vacation, and am sipping some sangria right now that I made a few days ago – check out my sangria recipe. On days like this one, I love being a blogger! What other job in the world has a completely flexible schedule allowing you to work from your bed if you want to, go for a walk and take pictures of birds or flowers if you wish, make a cocktail in the middle of the day, and enjoy it! There are no meetings, no commute time, and no boss! On the days like today I am seriously enjoying being a blogger, and I hope that if you are reading this, you are also already a blogger, and if not – what are you waiting for?

So, what were we up to this weekend? We were celebrating my middle daughter’s birthday, and I have told almost everything about it in my post about Altitude Trampoline park in our area where we had this amazing celebration this time. I tried not to go off course in that post too much, but still wanted to show a few pictures of my daughter that I took there, as well as in a restaurant we went to in the evening of Sunday. The girls were sipping their fancy fizzy drinks, and the baby was sporting her new bibs by U.S.Bilby – have you seen my review of the bibs yet, and there is also a giveaway there for a set of bibs that is still on, not too late to enter! These bibs are adorable, and this is where you can get them – U.S.Bilby is the best source for your baby bibs.

U.S.Bilby bib with fox

U.S.Bilby bib with eagle

birthday girl

older sister

The cake that was served for the birthday party was a fancy bundt cake that we bought – this was my daughter’s wish. She goes crazy over these bundt cakes, and while I could probably make a mean bundt cake myself, we just went with what she wanted. It was awesome, and so delicious!

birthday bundt cake

Of course, me being the typical me, I started going the bundt cake craze route, and finally got myself a bundt cake pan. After all this blogging I do, I deserve a little something for me. So, we were at Costco, and saw a bundt cake pan. I got one – yey! Now, today I finally got to it, and actually made a bundt cake of my very own! One reason was that I always need something sweet on hand at home. The other reason was that we ran out of the commercial bundt cake. And the third reason was that I wanted to spoil yo’ll with my stunning food photography (pat pat pat).

bundt cake homemade

The bundt cake turned out awesome! The recipe was meh! so I won’t list it here, but the main issue for me was the technique of actually baking a cake in this new pan, and getting it out of the pan without damage – which I managed to get done!

My middle daughter was a bit flustered that I baked a cake without her, but I got her to make the icing, and decorate the cake. We picked a different icing, and we only had milk, and no cream cheese on hand, so the icing turned out also meh! But I know this cake will probably only last 2 days anyway, it is an amazing recipe, but next time we will kick it up a bit to make it more interesting. However, for now, the plan of testing the pan worked greatly – I say from now on I am making my own bundt cakes! The cost of a homemade one is cheaper even if we add the cost of a pan itself that can be reused forever from now on!

bundt cake homemade

bundt cake homemade

Have you made or at least eaten a bundt cake before? What is your most favorite kind – what flavor?

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