Valentine's Day Desserts

Have you checked out my earlier post with Valentine’s Day Crafts yet? It has a lot of ideas that you can use for crafts this year.

Today I have decided to put together a post with Valentine’s Day dishes, and actually ended up with a post with Valentine’s Day Desserts. I think having a dessert on Valentine’s Day is a must! Probably partly because I love desserts, and chocolate is now so strongly associated with the Valentine’s Day desserts.

This list has a few great recipes, and most of them are quite easy to make! If you would like to make your holiday a bit more festive, don’t forget to pick up your festive decor from Dollar Tree!

I like these inexpensive roses that cost $1 but can transform your table into a celebration, check them out!

Rose at DollarTree

Some of the recipes in the list use candy as decorations to add character to the dish – try using these fudge hearts from DollarTree.

Fudge Hearts from DollarTree

And, while you are shopping, don’t forget to pick up some Rainbow Sprinkles – don’t forget they are only $1. When did you last pay $1 for cake decor in a regular store?

Rainbow Sprinkles at DollarTree

Now, if you have just remembered that you also wanted to get a few gifts for your friends – do not worry! Shop gifts under $10 from Dollar Tree.

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Valentine Brownie Truffles Recipe

Valentine Brownie Truffles Recipe

Don\’t these look delectable?

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Valentine\'s Day Recipe: Heart

Valentine’s Day Recipe: Heart

Cut out heart shapes out of your regular waffles – a great holiday change-roo!

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Thin Mint with Sprinkles for Valentine\'s Day

Thin Mint with Sprinkles for Valentine\’s Day

Do you have a stash of Thin Mints? This could be one way of destashing it!

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Try to make this Valentine\'s Day Fudge

Try to make this Valentine’s Day Fudge

I can have fudge on any day. I do agree that fudge on Valentine\’s Day will taste absolutely awesome! I want to make it this week myself, haven\’t had fudge for a while, how about yourself?

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Valentine Pancakes & Breakfast Ideas -

Valentine Pancakes & Breakfast Ideas –

Ooooh, this looks like a bit of a work to do list here, but why not, if you have the time? Try it out!

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Valentine\'s Day Fruit ~ Cute and healthy idea for V-day! -

Valentine\’s Day Fruit ~ Cute and healthy idea for V-day! –

Have you heard about Edible Arrangements? This is how they do it – I bet this is very doable at home too!

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Valentine Rainbow Heart

Valentine Rainbow Heart

I think I have seen a video of how to make this, I bet you have seen it too! This is quite genius how they make these cookies!

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Chocolate, Cherry & Coconut Valentine\'s ...

Chocolate, Cherry & Coconut Valentine\’s …

OK, I want these cupcakes, how about you?

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: Valentine\'s Apple Rose Tart

: Valentine\’s Apple Rose Tart

This looks amazing, but I am not sure I would be able to make this myself!

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Mille Feuille Recipe - Valentine\'s Day Special -

Mille Feuille Recipe – Valentine\’s Day Special –

Another way to serve mille feuille – make it heart shaped!

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Valentine biscuits | Video recipe

Valentine biscuits | Video recipe

Love the decorations on these cookies! Doesn\’t look too hard to do either!

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Chocolate Ganache Spoons for Valentine\'s Day スプ�...

Chocolate Ganache Spoons for Valentine’s Day …

Would love to have ganache – this is perfect for Valentine\’s Day, I think! Melts in your mouth!

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Tiramisu Chocolate Mousse Recipe - Valentine\'s

Tiramisu Chocolate Mousse Recipe – Valentine’s

Another excellent idea – Tiramisu! I think Tiramisu is probably one of my three most favorite desserts, definitely!

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A fun and festive treat for >>> Valentine\'s Bark

A fun and festive treat for >>> Valentine\’s Bark

This looks like a beautiful idea – and I don\’t think it is very difficult to make, but adds a lot of character to your holiday table!

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Gearing up for Valentine\'s Day? These RED VELVET PANCAKES are delish!

Gearing up for Valentine\’s Day? These RED VELVET PANCAKES are delish!

This is nice for a breakfast or brunch idea! Looks delicious!

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A sweet treat for your sweethea//

A sweet treat for your sweetheart

Another looks like a simple but awesome dessert! OK, I am going to take a break now and make some cookies! I am serious!

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For a little bit of lovin\'\'s Day Mini Cheesecake Parfaits

For a little bit of lovin’s Day Mini Cheesecake Parfaits

OK, I am back – this is special for my jar-loving readers – looks amazing!

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Enjoy this Valentine\'s Milkshake!

Enjoy this Valentine’s Milkshake!

Who wouldn’t want this drink for a pick-me-up!

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