I love feeling pampered, and this Christmas I got a great present from sponsors – I received a set of GA-DE cosmetics! I had to fight with my kids over this set I have received for a review – and this is so perfect for me!

I love to wear fall tones, and this set of cosmetics is simply perfect for my complexion – that’s what I think anyways. Here is what is included – a High Definition Volume & Length Mascara, an eye shadow palette, a matte eyeliner, lipsticks of nude pink and wine red colors. These are exactly the makeup products that I usually use – I like to have a few go-to colors to work with, and get used to for a season – I think these colors are perfect for this time of the year, and the lipsticks will protect my lips, whether I am looking for an everyday daytime or an evening look.

Have you ever heard about this cosmetic line before? GA-DE Cosmetics is pronounced like the gemstone “jade”, and is a great brand with lots of different skincare, makeup and fragrance product offerings. I love how you can purchase a lot of different items for your different makeup needs, and I feel it is always best to get the same line of products if you are trying to get different products, rather than getting different products from different companies, so it is great that this company has so many different items to offer, and they can complement each other to help create that stunning perfect beautiful look we are always going for.

I love this makeup set that I have got. Here are some pictures.

GA-DE makeup

GA-DE makeup

I love the quality of this makeup – the eyeliner stays on well, so does the mascara. The lipstick does not smudge, and is quite colorful, and does not need to be reapplied for a few hours – helps me a lot as otherwise my lips are always chapped. I find that the palette colors are perfect in combination with the lipsticks – and create a finished look. I love these colors, and I always gravitate towards them when I am picking my eye shadows, so this is a huge bonus for me – having these lovely colors accentuating my features.

So, what do you think? If you are in the market for new cosmetic sets, are looking for a way to change up your looks, check out this coupon code I got for you – use GDGIFT10 and you will receive $10’s off any $20 purchase at check out!

This is a sponsored post. Samples were provided free of charge for a review.

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