I am so excited to be enjoying a new phone this week! This phone is a Coolpad Conjr!

I am so glad to be able to try it! I normally use a different smartphone, but the phone that I have is terribly outdated, and isn’t able to support all of the apps that I’d like to be able to use. Some of the apps I like are only available on the Android platform which makes it impossible for me to use them. Coolpad Conjr supports Android 6.0 + Cool UI 8.0.

Coolpad Conjr phone

So, now I am glad I got this new phone – it is soooo much better than my old one – night and day difference!

Coolpad Conjr phone

Coolpad Conjr phone

Coolpad Conjr phone

Coolpad Conjr phone

Coolpad Conjr phone

I am not the most tech-savvy person out there, but I was able to easily navigate through the phone and its features! I love the design of it, and the case for the phone was actually supplied in the package! This is unheard of for me – every time with a new phone we always have to buy cases separately, and this often becomes an issue in and of itself. It is not so simple to find a perfect case for a phone with a lip that serves as a cushion if your phone were to fall. We would often get a case which wouldn’t fit, or wouldn’t really be protective of the phone. I have had cases break up, fall apart, shatter, shed particles of themselves, and generally not work out. This is a refreshing idea – I actually have a case, and I don’t have to spend a few days searching around for one!

One of the best features of this phone are the cameras on it! On my old phone the rear facing camera is 8MP, and the front facing one is 1.2MP, while on this new Coolpad Conjr phone the rear facing camera is 13 MP, and the front facing one is 8MP. I love photography, and it is just so easy with a phone. I carry my phone with me everywhere, and even though I have a lot of professional camera equipment for my photography, I don’t always take bulky lenses, and the whole set of gear with me when I am going out, or am travelling, and end up just doing lots of photos with my phone. It is nice to be able to take excellent photos with a small device on hand, and this new phone by Coolpad Conjr can help me create stunning photos without a lot of effort.

I love the Beauty feature on its camera – it is so cool to be able to play around with the pictures, and have my face made up without actually using any makeup – such a time saver when I want to look good but am trying to take pictures of myself just at home – I can still look good in my casual appearance!

This Coolpad Conjr phone is so affordable! It costs only $179.99 – can you even believe it? My daughter’s phone was recently stolen, and thankfully we had it insured, so we filed a police report, and were able to get a new phone for her for $150 deductible. This was a while ago, before I got this new phone. Had I known that there is such a great new phone available for this kind of a price, I wouldn’t have insured her phone at all. We have to pay $10 per month for insurance for her. I wouldn’t have got her that other phone at all, had I known about Coolpad Conjr before!

If you are don’t have a smartphone yet, and are wondering which model to get, I think you are going to be amazed at the capabilities of this smartphone, and of its affordability! Why would you want to have to get an expensive contract, and then have to pay out tons of money every month for the privilege of using a phone, when you can easily simply get a great new model of a Coolpad Conjr? You have to see this phone and its features for yourself, check out what this phone can do!

I am going to be using this new phone in more posts this month – hoping to get you motivated to try using it, and I know you will be amazed! There is no need to spend a lot of money in 2017 on getting the most expensive phone – Coolpad Conjr is so unbelievably affordable, and has more advanced features than most standard phones do, and this is an easy one to prove –

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