Looking for a new lunch bag? Try Esse Reusable Bags – So Light and Roomy!

Living in the times when we have all technology we need and don’t need, it is so nice to realize there are still timeless products out there that we can’t live without, that yet have been modified to stay and be with us, accompanying us in our life, and still staying modern, ubiquitous but perfected to the level that we demand today from a product!

I am talking grocery bags today! I am talking lunch bags!

Esse reusable bag

Esse reusable bag

Esse reusable bag

I always need those. My grocery bags break like they were made out of pasta dough or toilet paper. I never remember to take my reusable large bags with me to the car when we go grocery shopping, partly because my hands are always already full, partly because the bags are always just so annoyingly huge, and often ugly looking, with various brand names plastered all over them… Do I really want everyone to know what companies have supplied me with free bags for groceries – NO! As for lunch bags, I lose my lunch bags all the time – because they are bulky, and I leave them at places.

When I was growing up, reusable grocery bags were used but were not popular – they were a typical feature of an old lady, were made out of macrame netting, and looked awful, gaudy, or dirty and old – always. The most popular bags when I was young were those made of plastic, and we would try to outdo each other getting the most modern reusable plastic bags, with the coolest pictures or photos. Those were the days of my youth in the Soviet Union. Who would have thought that the world would be going back to reusable bags? In fact, in many cities in North America now plastic bags are practically outlawed, and you have to pay a type of a fee, or a tax, on spoiling the environment and using plastic bags.

So, what to do in this century about our typical grocery bags and lunch bags? You have to start using reusable bags as much as you can! As I have said, the worst issue for me is forgetfulness – I forget bringing reusable bags to the stores with me, and I end up using paper or plastic.

I got this new product for a review – a little pouch with 5 Esse reusable grocery bags, and now I know I will never forget my reusable bags again!

The beauty of these bags is that they can be attached to your purse or even your keychain. They come with a clip-on, so there is no way you would ever forget them. These bags are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and the fabric is machine washable! There you have it – instead of wasting resources on plastic bags that are going to end up in dumps, oceans and bird stomachs, it is so much better to get a reusable bag made out of old plastic bottles, and stop polluting the environment with your grocery shopping needs.

This Esse bag is perfect for small shopping trips, and you can carry all your needs with you in this bag when you are going for a short pharmacy trip in your community, or taking some snacks and a bottle of wine or fancy balsamic vinegar to your friend’s house. Esse bags are surprisingly sturdy – one bag can hold 20 pounds of stuff – this could be 3 bottles of wine, your lunch, or dinner leftovers. How great is it to take your lunch to work in this bag, and then fold the bag up when you are done, and clip it on your belt, and head home – no way to lose your lunch box any more!

Esse bags are sold with a separate pouch that you can use to store these bags in. This pouch can be used to store anything you like, not necessarily bags – always good to have in the house. There are 5 bags in the set, and I got all different colors of bags. My set included 2 green, 2 black, and 1 red bag.

Wondering how to fold up those bags? Any way you like, but the bag comes pre-folded, so you will see the folds, and the ribs as to how to fold it, and then once the bag has been folded, it can be rolled, and an elastic band that is attached on the bag can help hold it together. In order not to be confused, additional picture instructions are attached on the label for each bag. There is no way to mess the folding up!

Esse reusable bag

Esse reusable bag

Esse reusable bag

Esse reusable bag

I took a few pictures with the bag filled up with a bottle of wine, a box of cookies, and 3 bananas which you cannot see, and that we later on ate in the form of banana bread, and then got my daughter to pose for me (her bag included a bottle of balsamic vinegar) to show the approximate sizing of the bag. The size of these bags is 9” by 12”. It is a perfect lunchbox size! I wouldn’t recommend to solely rely on these bags for your weekly grocery store trips unless you have a very small family – you will run out of bags for your big shopping trips, but imagine the joy of having this extra bag available in case a few of your bags break as you are carrying them – happened to me many times before. Using this bag when going to a restaurant and taking some leftovers home is much nicer, I think, than using typical plastic bags restaurants offer.

I have also made a video showing the bags, and talking about how I would use them.

Interested in checking these bags out? You can get them on Amazon!

This is a sponsored post. Samples were provided free of charge for testing.


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  1. I have the bulky grocery bags and I just don’t feel like lugging them to the store anymore. I really need these!