From time to time our kids go to camping trips with their friends, or various community groups, or go to a summer camp, a school camp outside of the city, and we inevitably need to get and pack a flashlight for them. We usually end up getting the simplest model sold at a local pharmacy. You turn on the flashlight, it lights up, you use it. These flashlights usually last a trip or two, no more than that. They quickly break, and often simply fall apart to never be put together again.

Pro Series TK120 flashlight

Pro Series TK120 flashlight

The flashlight that I got today to write about is by Ecogear FX – this is an awesome device! Amazingly, this flashlight sports a number of features that you will never see in simple models. If you are not a flashlight fanatic, you might not even know these features are possible and exist in flashlights. This Pro Series TK 120 flashlight is the type of a device that professionals use when they are out in the dark.

Here are some of the features of this flashlight:

  • it has a zoom feature, and can produce a wide or a narrow beam of light, depending if you need to light up a large or a small area
  • it can take different batteries – either regular alkaline, or lithium batteries, and it comes with a special sleeve that can be used for lithium batteries
  • the design of the flashlight is super sleek, and the flashlight itself is water-resistant
  • the flashlight can produce several different light modes – low, medium, high, strobe light or even S.O.S. signaling
  • this flashlight has a memory function where it remembers the setting used, and defaults to that setting next time you use it.
  • beam distance of this flashlight is 700 feet

Why would you get this flashlight instead of a simple one? Because you can use for car trips – imagine you are stuck outside somewhere in the dark! It could possibly save your life if you need to signal your location, or find your way in the dark. If you have this flashlight and face an emergency on the road, you are going to be that much better off – you can trust this flashlight to lead you in the dark. It is great in a disaster situation, and I do have a box at home that we have made to help us if a disaster strikes – I think I will have one flashlight like this one in our car, and one in this emergency box.

Here is where you can get this special flashlight:

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