My year this year is all about working on self-improvements. I generally have a strong will as far as decision-making. If I have made a decision about something, I am definitely going to do it, no matter what. At least in the short-term. Now, sometimes situations change down the road, but I try to stick to the ideas as long as I find them feasible for goals to be.

What I do struggle with – a lot – is the motivation to work out, and exercise. Honestly, it is just so much easier to slouch in my arm-chair and make various decisions sitting down, without having to go anywhere, and I am so lazy, I find it a struggle to get myself to exercise at all these days. I am very much “low energy”, and I don’t really have the stamina for long draining workouts, and I also don’t know where to start.

So, what would be the solution to my problems? I need to find a way for me to stay motivated by practicing a routine of exercises where I am staying accountable with my progress, and where I can track the results with visuals, have someone to monitor my progress, and guide me through the process of getting more fit, losing weight, and staying healthy with what I eat, how I exercise, and what plan I am following in terms of exercising. A Hollywood personal trainer, perhaps?

I think there is now a much more effective, and reasonable solution for busy people, and for regular sports trainers. While I would appreciate having 5 hour personal training sessions, having a personal nutritionist designing my menus every day, nobody can afford this!

What I am thinking about is having a trainer, a coach who could help me achieve my goals, stay accountable with my progress, and at the same time not make me have to mortgage my soul to afford it – and there is a solution! I am looking for a trainer in my area right now who is using this system that I have got to try out – and it is an incredible resource that I would love to use as it can save me a lot of time and money, as well as help me achieve my exercising goals.

I am really the kind of person who needs someone to guide me through this process, someone who would design a schedule of exercises for me to do, and monitor my progress with reminders, and with personalized coaching. I also don’t have the time or the energy to go to regular scheduled personal gym classes, set up appointments with coaches for evaluations and weigh-ins.

I have found a software platform called Trainerize that is used by coaches and fitness instructors to help them manage clients, design workouts, suggest meal plans, monitor progress of the clients, and overall provide cost-friendly solutions for their private clients that will allow the clients to receive personalized training regimens, tips along the way to help reduce costs for personal coaching, and allow clients to be more self-managed. This service can be used as an add-on for progress monitoring and reports if clients are only seeing the instructor from time to time, or can be used as an exclusive offer allowing fitness instructors and coaches to scale up the business while still being able to provide that personalized service.

Here is what I love about this platform as a client user:Training plan in Trainerize

  1. It has all of the features that I would need, as a user, to provide me with a perfect way to keep in touch with my coach, and stay motivated – nothing like a daily notification about my daily exercises can get me going – hey, my coach actually wrote to me to encourage me!Calendar in Trainerize
  2. The schedule specifies exactly when I need to exercise, and what my program is – and I don’t need to be guessing, I can simply watch the videos that show exactly how to do the sort of exercise that is suggested. Last time I had a session with a couch a few years ago, I was shown a set of exercises that I could not remember, and as I had no reference as to how to do them, I forgot all of them almost immediately. This system shows you the exercises so that you understand what equipment and workout routine each one is referring to.Exercise schedule in TrainerizeSetting a schedule in Trainerize
  3. Right at the beginning the platform asks me a set of questions to help a trainer to decide on the program for me. This makes my set of exercises more geared towards my physical abilities and exercise needs.
  4. It is easy to follow through with the training plan with a number of graphs and charts to see how the data in the body stats is changing with the progress of fitness exercises and plan activities – so much of the information is being tracked and graphed that it is easy to quickly see all of the changes. The exercises and the workouts are also shown in a review format that helps with accountability with my exercise plan.

Body Weight in Trainerize

While I appreciate all of the great features of Trainerize as a client of a fitness instructor, I have to say that I also love the back end of the program that is used by fitness instructors themselves. I got to try it out to see if I could set up some exercises for myself to use – there is a huge library of exercises in videos available, and really anyone can try out using the platform, but it is especially great to use for coaches, gym personnel, and fitness instructors – the setup allows to add a number of clients, and follow them on their fitness journey by customizing personal messages, their training plans, and following up on their progress, all in one place. Here are the advantages of Trainerize for fitness instructors:

  1. Scalability. It is possible to add many different clients, and even fitness coaches into the system which means this platform can be used not only by separate coaches, but also by large gyms for all of the coaches working there, which makes the costs for the platform, as well as for clients much lower, and allows to grow the business quickly to provide this option to clients, subcontract services, hire coaches as employees and provide them with access to this platform.
  2. Ease of use. This platform is very user-friendly and intuitive. All of the functionalities are easy to understand and use, and it is possible to either use this platform extensively utilizing all of the functionalities built in, and adding more modules, or use it lightly using only the options needed for any particular client.
  3. Many additional opportunities for business growth. It is possible to include the nutritional element to fitness programs by attaching Meal plan modules, attach Paypal for payment processing, as well as Mailchimp for email marketing, and many more options.Meal plan in Trainerize
  4. Website setup included. The platform offers setting up a website for business use, and starts off with a customizable template where pages, pictures, services can be added, and then can either be used as the main website for the business, or as a separate section on an already existing website for Trainerize app information.Sample website in Trainerize
  5. Real-time messenger to connect with clients. It can be so easy to type up a message to everyone – congratulate the clients with their success and achievements, discuss upcoming coaching sessions, or send reminders. Imagine doing that on the phone, calling all clients to discuss with them their results – how it was done in the past, or having to do a face-to-face meeting just to give an overview of the achievements – it is so simple, modern, and useful to always be able to reach out to clients, which savesĀ time, and is very cost-effective.
  6. Templates. It is so simple to set up workout routines using the available exercises – everything in the platform is based on dragging and dropping, and can be filled out in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, and it can be set up and customized for each client, or scaled up for groups.
  7. Videos of exercises. All exercises in the platform that are available are shown on video which makes it easy to provide to clients, and ensure that they can get a good understanding of how each exercises is supposed to be done. There is a function of adding new custom exercise videos as well which makes it even more useful for different coaching teams, and groups.
  8. Available for a smartphone. Today everyone owns a phone, and as more and more fitness clients use goal, meal, and fitness tracking apps and devices, it is important that this platform is available for phones, and will allow clients to quickly track progress, enter data, and access the platform easily from their phone.

Overall, Trainerize is a new way of running a gym business, and a new way for clients to be more accountable to their fitness instructor on their progress. If in the past gyms would provide clients with printouts with hard to see stick figures of exercises, not provide follow ups unless the client would be ordering private instruction, have to order expensive custom-made software for gym operations that would be clunky to use, not available for clients, and not transparent to clients as to their achievements and results, well, now it all has changed! Trainerize provides a simple platform that costs less than $1 per client for large gyms, but can provide an unmatched opportunity for business growth, transparency for clients, and motivation for clients to continue exercising. This is one of the most difficult goals of a fitness instructor to achieve – to keep the client motivated to continue making progress, and I believe that Trainerize can help achieve that.

And now I will be back to searching for a trainer myself, usingĀ where I will be searching for a trainer that uses Trainerize in my area, and searching by fitness specialty I need.

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