A few weeks ago I was lucky to get a project to try and test out a new flashlight. I couldn’t believe how much flashlights have changed over the years, and how many more features you can get in these flashlight models.

If you are used to running to your nearby pharmacy when you need a working flashlight, you definitely need to think about an upgrade. I recommend starting out packing an emergency box for your home if you don’t have one yet – this was a fun activity for my kids to do this past summer! Once you have your emergency box ready, you can always tap into it when you have no electricity in the house, when you are in an emergency, or when you are packing up for a wilderness trip or just any hiking weekend getaway. Everything will be at one spot for you, in a box, and it is so easy to store a box full of necessities in your garage or closet – takes a minute or two to access it, and you are all set for any difficult situation.

Having a flashlight is imperative in any situation when you don’t have natural light present. If you are sitting at your table when it is dark, and you have no light, which has been a situation repeating itself so many times in my life, all you need is a candle. But if you have to go outside to an outhouse, go up your stairs, look under your car, look for something in darkness, or work outside at night – a candle is not going to be a solution, you need a flashlight. It would be such a disappointment to get a flashlight that breaks on you, or is essentially the strength of a toy. If you are serious about being prepared, you should look for a professional quality flashlight with high intensity beam of light that can provide you with the help that you need.

Alumitact LED Flashlight X700

After getting the first model of a professional flashlight we started looking around for more flashlights. We decided to keep the other one in the car, and get a new one for the house. The flashlight that we got this time is called Alumitact LED Flashlight X700. This tactical flashlight has the intensity of 700 Lumens, and operates in 5 different modes – medium, low, High, Strobe, S.O.S. light strengths.

The strength of the beam of the light of this super bright flashlight is just perfect for out needs – we are not planning to work a lot outside in the dark, and generally have no needs for sending S.O.S. signals, but it is good to have that option available if need be. It is always best and would be highly recommended to use professional equipment for most actions we do, even if we are not professionals working daily outside. Professional equipment like this flashlight allows to be able to rely on it when in need, and not to have to worry whether it will all of a sudden break because it is made so poorly.

This flashlight operates on 3 AAA batteries which are easy to insert and turn the device on. There is a great zoom function available on this flashlight that allows to zoom in or out when necessary with a simple push or pull on the zoom mechanism – an easy and a very intuitive action.

The light function on this flashlight allows to use it in so many different situations, and can help in self-defence. Self-defence functionality of this flashlight is probably not something that I would think to use it for – but it makes sense, I suppose. The company producer suggests using it for self-defence, and this is not something I came up with, but getting it from the packaging for the flashlight – illuminate, defend, durable, rigid and alert. I think that having a flashlight at night in your hands, if you are in a dark place, is a must to have, and can help avoid a lot of troubling situations.

Alumitact LED Flashlight X700

This tactical flashlight is made from aluminum. It’s zoom function is at 1x-2000x Zoom. Is this the best flashlight out there? Probably one of them, definitely better than most tactical flashlights you can buy in regular pharmacies. This is a powerful flashlight that might be useful for you in emergencies, but also in any daily life activities – you never know when you will need it, you should always have it on hand, possibly several of such flashlights!

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Using this link will get you this flashlight for $46.

Hope you can get this flashlight as it is really a necessity, not a vanity purchase item. Let me know in your comments if you have a flashlight at home, where you keep it, and when you generally use flashlights. How many flashlights do you usually go through every year? Do you have an emergency box packed up – what do you have in it?

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