Today I wanted to share a story that my husband had to go through some time ago. He is hard to convince with regard to taking enough supplements – he has certain ideas, and it is sometimes hard to explain for me why it is so important to not just treat illnesses to cure them, but to take supplements not to fall ill in the first place. Probiotics are one such type of a supplement.

My husband had an unfortunate experience a few months ago when his gut health was at risk. He ended up starting to read a lot about probiotics, and then finally came up with an idea that he should have been taking probiotics to normalize his gut in the first place. Now he religiously takes probiotics to ensure that his stomach issues are taken care of by the right bacteria.

What probiotics do to our bodies is still being researched by the scientific community. We know that they are important to take to ensure having proper gut health. I have just read that common probiotics can reduce stress and lessen anxiety, that gut bacteria can impact the central nervous system. Another study has shown that probiotics have helped elderly patients with learning and memory issues associated with the Alzheimer’s disease. A new study that just came out today actually claims that probiotics can even help with seasonal allergies – who would have known that?

So many reasons to start using probiotics daily, and these probiotics are easy to find – no doctor’s prescription needed. Some probiotics come in the form of pills that have to be stored in the fridge, others are available in much better format of juices – and these are so simple to take and enjoy!

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