Not an easy thing to admit to myself here – but here I am, entering my forties, and suffering. My body has never been perfect, but now as I am getting older, I am really feeling it. My weight is not the same – it fluctuates, for the worse, of course, almost every time, inevitably, and I end up gaining and gaining more. My hair is thinning – after having all of my kids, especially right after the baby is born, I always notice my hair literally simply falling out – I don’t know what it is.

My hair thinning situation – I don’t know what it is – but I am not going to blame it on various shampoos I am testing, or any disease as I don’t think I am ill at all. I believe it is just my age, and hair does change a lot after you have a baby. I was born with very thick hair in the first place, so thinning hair is not a problem for me, per se, but it is a concern of sorts. I love to have a hair parting on my head, dividing my hair into two sides, and while I sometimes do experiment with zigzags, or move the parting around on the head, I do still notice that my hair where it parts is not the same – it is getting quite thin, and almost balding a bit – I have trouble actually admitting this to myself, but it’s the reality of growing old.

I am still not sure if I should color my hair – this is my big dilemma, and has been for a while. I do not want to look old or grow old, and I think coloring hair can make your youth linger for quite a bit longer. For now I am not coloring my hair regularly, just once in a blue moon, but I should definitely consider this – I do want my youth to continue, and not fade away. I don’t know if I am mentally ready to look grey in the mirror, down the road.


For now, I got Fibolica to try to help me with its advanced hair thickening fibers to cover that parting of my hair a little bit, and make me look less ancient. Have you ever heard of Fibolica hair thickening fibers? This is a new product that I have not heard of, but honestly, this might just be the best thing there is right now in the market to help with your hair thinning issues.

So, how does Fibolica work? You get this container that looks like a salt shaker, and you essentially just sprinkle it on your area that you need help with. Fibolica contains Gossypium Herbaceum fiber which is essentially cotton that you are applying, that is colored with mineral-based colorants. This product is all natural, and comes in many different colors – you can choose depending on your hair color what is the most appropriate for you. My hair is naturally very dark, so that is the color that I have got.


As I am always weary and worried about applying any chemicals, I am glad to say that this product is not chemical based, and with an easy application it can be a great option for anyone wishing to use something that is not harmful for them in any way.

As I don’t need substantial help for my thinning hair as for now, and all I need is making my hair look a little thicker, I think that this product does a very good job covering the area where my hair parts without making it actually noticeable that my hair is thinning.

Are you suffering from thinning hair or hair loss? What do you usually use for your concerns? Have you tried Fibolica hair thickening fibers before? Here is where you can get it yourself – this is a container with a 2 months supply, and this product is really so affordable!

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